A very large muddling took place here is what you can expect:

-Most Level 65 buffs have had cast times slashed and sometimes mana costs slashed as well.

-If you are in a raid (13+ people, all in the same zone) your buffs cost ONE MANA. (Thanks to Zaela for this awesome change.)

-Relic: Thoughtshatter is now Relic: Placid Focus, an out of combat super hp/mana regen. (There are some issues with this spell, but fear not!)

-Archaic: Spirit Sleep takes slightly longer to cast. Maybe too long? Time will tell.

-Temple of Elael bosses now have loot (oops).

-Various spell fixes and mob tweaks.

  12 Apr 2011 - Slaariel

Minature Novelty Update

* The spooky chess piece area on the bottom floor of Runnyeye no longer suffers from wall aggro.

* Grand Praetor Suun Hungaro III's sympathetic detonation spell deals less area damage and is easier to resist, especially at weaker intensities.

  24 Feb 2011 - Thinkmeats

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