MERRY CHRISTMAS here is the cool things you are getting today:

1 - First stage of Warrior changes are live! We have been happy with the tests so far but are still looking for input, please take a while to try them out and get a feel for the new system. THERE WILL BE IMPROVEMENTS AND CHANGES no need to get huffy over things yet. Check out this cool thread for details.

2 - Soulbound buffs automatically overwrite themselves (SB Raego now overwrites SB Raego, for example).

3 - Bonus... exp .. ???

  25 Dec 2011 - Slaariel

Boring Patch: 12/20/2011

Just changed a few things with global drops AND made it so Mana Conservation always saves you at least one mana so Mana Conservation I items are not useless (for instance).

  20 Dec 2011 - Slaariel

Small Patch 12/12/2011

-Updated some logging functions.

-Minor fixes that no one cares about.

-New mechanic: Global Loot. Similar to Halloween Mask code, any non-green mob has a chance to drop a level-appropriate item from a list of about 50-60 items. This is expandable at any time but consider this a test-run. If you are raiding or if you are weighed down with overpowered Ikisith items, you will probably not care about these items too much but if you are a young adventurer making your way in the world maybe some of them will help you out!

  13 Dec 2011 - Slaariel

Happy Halloween

Hey folks,

The Halloween event will be removed this upcoming Monday the 7th! Sorry it went up a bit late this year but hopefully this will give everyone who wants to participate a chance!


  31 Oct 2011 - Woldaff

Patch Notes - Oct 21, 2011

1) Something new and cool is in Ikisith!

2) There are PLACEHOLDER TOMES for all classes who have unimplemented tomes. Do not try to open these. Do not hand them in to the guy in Erimal. Just keep them in your bank or on your person or destroy them. WHEN they are implemented, we will let you know and you can use them as usual (a good hint will be that they have proper names).

3) Trivial for Kedge Lime Pie changed. Added recipes for Vegetable Fried Rice and Caramel Apple as well as a few subcombines. Thanks Tao!

  21 Oct 2011 - Slaariel

Thazeran's Tower and Experience Bonus/Decay

1) Thazeran's tower is uh... well it's a lot smaller.

2) A GLOBAL 5% experience bonus has been added to ALL ZONES.

3) Experience in a zone SLOWLY DECAYS the longer you kill in it (down to 0%)!

4) Experience in a zone SLOWLY GROWS the longer you don't kill anything in it (up to 105%)!

  04 Oct 2011 - Slaariel

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