PATCH NOTES: 1/30/2012

A plethora of usability improvements and crash fixes courtesy of Devs Jumbers and Zae:

- Added message to experience when a codex is full
- Changed /random to be zone wide in war zones
- Changed pet attack to cancel pet hold when commanded
- Changed memblur modifier to -10% per level (as intended)
- Suppressed buff fade messages on bard songs
- Fixed autofire bug
- Fixed several crashes - which ones you will never know!
- Fixed fights where pets would become unresponsive
- Other miscellaneous fixes

  31 Jan 2012 - Slaariel


Although we are not participating in the widespread internet protest against PIPA and SOPA today directly I wanted to take a moment to make sure all our players have read about it and understand how aversely our game would be impacted by its passing.

If you would like to continue to see SoD being developed and supported I would ask that you contact your local representatives and ask them not to support SOPA or PIPA in their current states.

Read more here.

  18 Jan 2012 - Woldaff

Autofire part 2

Autofire is now toggled with /cm autofire while the Ranged Attack button retains its original functionality, assuming you aren't autofiring.

Several little bug fixes and additions were made this patch thanks to our web dev as well!

  17 Jan 2012 - Zaela

PATCH NOTES: 1/10/2012

Quick patch includes the normal fixes and adds along with the addition of autofire range attack for rangers!

Just target a mob and click range attack! Like auto-attack only from far away!

NOTE: The targeting cone gets less forgiving the further away you are!

  10 Jan 2012 - Slaariel

Flash Map Beta

After months of work on the part of GM-Nwaij the SoD flash map is ready to be released to the public. This version is still a bit rough but is very near to being ready to sit on the front page.

Please take a couple minutes and look the map over. We need both bug reports and also spelling/grammar/consistency problem reports on all the zone lore (as it was written by various volunteer players.)

You can find the MAP here.

You can find the BUG THREAD here.

  06 Jan 2012 - Woldaff

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