Item Reimbursement Policy

We have decided to begin reimbursing people for items lost due to accidental deletion. This is partially in response to player request and partially because we now have better ways for GMs to be able to check when an item has been accidentally deleted.

There will be no retroactive reimburses. This policy will go into effect on Sunday, May 20th, 2012 (coinciding with a patch to put the new logs in place). This will also allow the new GM-Trainees that are being hired on to learn the ropes before petitions start coming in. The item in question will have to be deleted after that time to be eligible for the new policy! So do not go deleting items all willy nilly.

We will also be logging all reimbursements. We reserve the right to cut off reimbursements to a character who constantly deletes his or her own items.

  14 May 2012 - Woldaff

Dead Bug Storage

* Trade bug defeated, if you don't know what this was, you're lucky!
* Rangers rejoice, the tracking Sort By Distance filter works now. (Finally)
* Some measures have been taken to try to get rid of the tell bug once and for all.
* Death loops from war events will no longer occur. The Seekers of Erimal are doing their job properly now evacuating people trapped in war zones.

New stuff
* /random and loot messages are now zone-wide for members of the same group and/or raid.
* Those same messages are also zone-wide for everybody in war zones to make it easier for war raids to manage loot.
* We have a BUNCH of new fame rewards, check out /cm pointbuy list

  29 Apr 2012 - Jumbers

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