Patch Notes - 6/12/2012

Blessed Zones:

-In an effort to make some less traveled zones more appealing, Jayla has blessed certain zones, granting additional experience while it remains blessed.

-Blessed zones will be granted a flat +50% experience bonus while active and will regularly changed for variety.

Necro Runic 1 change:

-The Necro Runic 1 has been changed to a new pet with advanced casting AI, details of which can be found here

The Overgrowth: New zone located off of Underhill with content ranging from level 65 to tier 13.

  12 Jun 2012 - Jumbers

Arena Game

There shall be an Arena Game this Sunday (the 27th of May, 2012) starting at 2:30 PST. I shall open the gates to the Plane of War at ~2ish PST. We may have to close attendance at some point but we are hoping that the new powerful server will be able to handle a large single zone load. We shall see!

Hope to see everyone there.

  25 May 2012 - Woldaff

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