Archery procs change

Archery proc buffs (such as the Quiver line of ranger spells) now have their chance to proc scaled to the delay of the bow, whereas previously the proc was a flat chance regardless of delay.

This will allow slower bows to perform similarly to faster bows. Also, this chance is now affected by the Emberflow proc rate increase tome.

  22 Aug 2012 - Jumbers

Hardcore Character Mode

New characters (LEVEL 1 ONLY) now have the ability to opt in to the most manly available challenge: Hardcore Mode: Where Your Next Death Is Also Your Last.

Make a new character and get to a Priest of War before you hit level 2 and you, too, can learn to fear in-game death again.

See this cool thread for details.

  18 Jul 2012 - Slaariel

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