PATCH NOTES: 9/10/2012


-Many prices have changed (most downward)
-The number of bounties required to reach Rank 2 has gone up slightly
-The number of bounties required to reach Rank 3 has gone down slightly
-A couple items endured minor changes


-Many, many monsters are now the correct "type" (for instance: plant or animal or elemental).


-I changed mossy clockwork cane to be more interesting and less tier 3 ratio droppable at level 35.


-So many things you cannot see.

  11 Sep 2012 - Slaariel

PATCH: August 29, 2012

Small patch with some fixes for us and some fixes for you hooray!

-Elemental Embodiment now does what it says on the tin and not some made-up fairy math not explainable by mortals.

-Spell Ward now does %-reduction as explained on the wiki but no longer figures in mana ratio and also does not work if you are the primary target of the mob (that is to say, it is meant for fending off AEs).

-Clockwork (the mob) should no longer crash the zone upon spawning.

  29 Aug 2012 - Slaariel

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