Patch Notes 12/04/2012

We now have customizable in-game chat channels, a long requested feature. For more information, see this thread

  04 Dec 2012 - Jumbers

Patch Notes 11/13/2012

-Halloween is OVER. If you didn't manage to finish the quest, there's always next year!

-For all of you who use dyes and don't want to wait for them to wear off normally, /cm purgedye is my gift to you.

-Force eating/drinking food has changed a bit. You can force eat/drink 1 time for the nutritional value, but subsequent forced food/drink won't satisfy you until some time passes.

-Monk kick damage scales differently now.

  13 Nov 2012 - Jumbers

Patch Notes 10/16/2012

-Since our client doesn't support buff timers in the UI, the /char command will now show buff timers for all of your buffs!!! Everybody celebrate!!!

-The Zealot's Strike line of spells has been tweaked a bit to make the spells more usable.

-The Bard tome line Quiet Reflection now does what it says, whereas previously it did nothing.

  16 Oct 2012 - Jumbers

Bonus Exp Period!

The second stage of the account drive has started - the bonus exp stage! There is now a global experience modifier of 212% throughout the game. This staggeringly high number was reached completely through the efforts of the playerbase in promoting the server.

So enjoy! You have earned it. And if you are new - Welcome!

The bonus ends in the morning of 10/22/12.

  15 Oct 2012 - Woldaff

Patch Notes: 10/09/2012

-Augs are once again removable from items. (Sorry about that!)

-The warrior AA, Resilience, now displays a message to those nearby when it activates and deactivates.

  09 Oct 2012 - Jumbers


The 2012 Account Drive has started!

Check out this thread for details including rewards for participating!

If you are new to the server - welcome! Be sure to post here to introduce yourself to our community.

Second - It's HALLOWEEN!

You know what that means! And if you don't, maybe strike up a conversation with a certain sleepless vagabond.


- Monk Combos? They start and end with a kick! Have fun exploring / discovering and report if anything feels weird or dumb. And if you are kicking for like 10,000 damage please let someone in charge know about it and don't just run around kicking dragons to death, okay?

- Area Bonus Exp now affects tomes as it should have for the past 3 years yeehaw that's some good code fixing.

- Zealot's Strike changed a little to make it not the only spell a Cleric needs to cast for most of his life, etc.

- Account Drive Global EXP Bonus is in partial effect go get levels!

- Bug reporting is now more effective (to us, the bug handlers). Please continue to /bug things that seem like bugs.

  04 Oct 2012 - Slaariel

PATCH NOTES: 9/20/2012

Quick and classic patch to the patch with exciting bonuses thrown in the mix:

Pristine Weapons should work again as well as glove procs.

Several items adjusted in accordance with principles outlined in this thread. Most of the items were adjusted... upward?

A bag that sold for 157kpp and then 4kpp is now refundable (petition for a refund if you desire).

The cap on SPELL WARD has been raised to 20 and many many items now have a chunk of spell ward on them. Remember this item attribute only works for int/wis casters so don't give it all to your guild's tank! (Or do!)

Lastly, augments with the tag will now properly prevent you from looting them if you already have one augged into a piece of gear. If you have more than one in your gear or inventory, please delete the extras.

Enjoy your day!

  20 Sep 2012 - Slaariel

PATCH NOTES: 9/18/2012


Back-end code for handling item stats was given a major overhaul this patch. If all went well, you shouldn't notice any difference at all. However, if you do see anything clearly wrong with any of your items, whether in their stats or behavior, please report it.


Rogues were given two small additions in this patch.

-Sneak Attack: when a rogue has no aggro, sneaks up on a target, and opens with a Backstab, that Backstab is flagged as a Sneak Attack. Sneak Attacks cannot miss, deal 25% bonus damage, give a nifty message, and generate only 1 point of aggro.

-Openings: an experimental new system for rogues. When a rogue is in melee range of their target, they will automatically watch that target for "openings." When they see an opening, they will have 1 second to hit Backstab to take advantage of it. A Backstab during an opening cannot miss, and the rogue's non-Backstab melee attacks will gain a small accuracy bonus that grows with each opening so exploited on the same target, as the rogue gets used to the target's "rhythm."

Openings are caused by observable, and in some case deliberately-triggerable, events:
- the target misses a kick or bash (exposure)
- the target is hit by a bash (distraction)
- the target is stunned (exposure)
- the target begins casting a spell (exposure)
- the target suddenly switches targets, i.e. someone steals aggro (distraction)
- the target is hit with a big critical hit/spell (distraction); what counts as 'big' is semi-randomized and semi-adjusted based on the target's max HP

This system is highly experimental and so subject to change and balancing. This is basically an open testing period to see if such a system would be viable in practice.

  18 Sep 2012 - Zaela

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