Patch Notes

Item Changes:

-Ranger has been removed from the item March to Strife. If you are a ranger and you have this item, petition to either pick another loot from Rujik's loot table or to transfer the March to Strife to a guildmate of your choice who has done the encounter.

-The Glowing Shards augmentation was incorrectly tagged as undestroyable. This has been changed to be destroyed on removal. Because of the error, we have de-auged all existing Glowing Shards to allow players to utilize the augment knowing of its new fragility.

-Many items from the old Thazeran's Tower zone have been changed. This is preliminary item work for the pending reincarnation of the zone. We hope to release the new Thazeran's Tower in the next few weeks. Further, we hope that it will help ease the current congestion in the Yclist/Spires raid tier.


-The Druid and Ranger "Swarm" line of spells have been overhauled. These spells now have two parts. First, the original damage over time portions have been strengthened considerably. Second, an actual swarm of bees now attacks the target of the spell, causing extra damage. The downside to this is that the spells are now outside only. We hope this will help reinvigorate the spell line while giving Druids further niche power in outdoor environments.

-Absolution and Celestial Shield have been constrained to be usable only in the Prison of Admyrzza. These spells were always supposed to be primarily for the final fights of Prison, yet they were put in without constraint due to what was assumed to be their only niche value. Unfortunately, when combined with other item effects and lower content, the spells were very overpowered in the situations where they were useful at all.

Pending Changes (Likely Next Patch):

-The Beastlord AA Spirit Speed will be changed to a new activatable ability. We think that a permanent haste spell is a waste of what could be something neat and interesting for the class. We will be increasing Beastlord pet attack rates to compensate for the loss of spell. Have a good idea for the new AA? Be sure to post it! We are still pondering.

-We are looking to add in a raid wide pet spell rune. This should allow pets a bit more survivability in raid situations without increasing their power in soloing, tanking and other areas. We are still hammering out the details of what this will replace and which class needs the new tech love. Hopefully this can make for some interesting interclass synergy.

Spire of Saitha:

-Bracers no longer drop 100% off of every single raid mob. Further, bracers are now distributed throughout the zone evenly.

-A few of the encounters that were too easy (I.E. Experiment) have been changed to be a little less gimmicky in nature. The awesome gimmicks are still there - they just are no longer the entire fight!

  12 Feb 2013 - Woldaff

Patch Notes 02/04/2012

-Dragging of NPC corpses is now fully functional

-Companion Health and Companion Strength focuses have changed somewhat. The intention of these focuses was always to only apply while worn, however due to the way pets worked, they worked just by having them in when summoning. These two focuses have been changed to only work while equipped as was always intended.

In anticipation of this change, a large number of items throughout the tiers have been given Companion Health and Companion Strength.

  05 Feb 2013 - Jumbers

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