Just a quick warning and note...

You may notice that traps have been added to a few high end raid zones. Specifically;

Thazeran's Tower
Tower of Tarhyl
Plane of Frost
Spires of Saitha
Sepulcher of Darkness
Caverns of Darkness
Plane of Entropy
Plane of Air
Plane of Torment

We currently have these traps only triggering generally ignorable things. They are just an early implementation of an upcoming change to the trap system as a whole. Do not expect them to stay ignorable for too long!

Also, rogues may notice a drastic shift downward in the amount of raid mobs who see through their sneaking and hiding abilities...

More news to come!

  11 Mar 2013 - Woldaff

Patch Notes: March 7, 2013

-Thazeran's Tower-

The first part of the new revamped Thazeran's Tower has been released! We are trying something a little new as far as raid schemes go, and have split the lower wings into distinct events with timers. We also have increased the difficulty and reward of the zone significantly as compared to its previous incarnation.

One thing to note while going through the new Thaz is that it is the first major zone to be scripted in our entirely new and robust scripting language (Thanks Zaela!), so expect to see things that may not have seemed possible in older content.

We hope everyone will enjoy the new Thaz, and appreciate your patience while we balance everything. Given the new scripting and the relatively novel event scheme, expect a bit more tweaking at the beginning than usual.

-Environmental Effects-
A few spells and procs had been incorrectly classified as environmental effects instead of spell effects. We have tried to track down the worst offenders, and have changed them to not be environmental effects. This should make running with environmental effects on show only what it should - particle effects on weapons and the environment. Please be sure to inform us via /bug or the forums if there are any incorrectly marked spells we missed!

We are hoping to continue with this trend, and to start taking out spell effects from procs and pets to make playing with spell effects a little more realistic without the game looking like a 1990's Japanese cartoon.

-Bane Damage-
Bane Damage has become a problem recently. What used to be a small and fun toy has, with the relatively recent advent of wearable bane, become an effect that incentivizes inter-tier gear stacking. We never intended to incentivize a Tier 13 toon to equip a bunch of Tier 4-5 gear in order to do Tier 14 damage. We had a lot of discussion on how to fix this, keeping in mind the new expectations regarding Bane damage.

Our solution is thus: instead of Bane forever stacking with itself, now only the highest Bane level being worn in a non weapon slot will be counted. This means if you are wearing a Dragon Bane 2 belt, and a Dragon Bane 4 mask, your bane for Dragon will be 4 plus any bane you have in your primary or secondary.

In addition to this change, we have gone throughout the tiers and attempted to add bane damage where it makes sense. We are hoping this will make Bane damage both easier to find, and less overpowered en masse. We also have went through most raid and 6 man content and made sure bodytypes are listed as what they should be.

  06 Mar 2013 - Woldaff

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