Patch Notes March 23, 2013

Traps are still not ready! We hope to finish this up later in the week.

Rogue Hide:
We have made about 4,500 less NPCs see Rogue invisible. Sneaky sneaky!

The new Bodytypes have been distributed throughout the game. Read the previous post for more information! Unfortunately, the Bane damage changes are not yet in. We are being very methodical in adding Bane to items throughout the game, and have not yet finished. Expect the new Bane system to go live later in the week.

Arrows have been changed to reflect the new Bodytypes. Be sure to check your quiver before plinking away!

Bonus Encounter Experience:
As of this patch, whenever you kill a difficult monster or encounter for the first time you will receive an experience boost. As of first implementation, this will add around 65 million bonus experience throughout 6, 12 and 18 man encounters. Just a quick and fun little bonus!

Mansion of Portals:
The Crags of Tarhyl now has its own shiny new Travel Portal. Also, wisps in the Mansion of Portals will no longer cast Portal Contagion on players under level 20.

Jayla's Insight:
The bard ability "Jayla's Insight" has been changed slightly. Hopefully it should be more legible. As well as the format change it will now filter under "skills" in your chat window. This will allow players to change the color of the text.

Thazeran's Tower:
The person who began each Deacon event may now manually reset the timer/event by interacting with the Deacon at the beginning of the event. This should allow guilds who have had a bad start to reset the encounter instead of having the timer make the encounter undoable. This option goes away after a boss in the wing dies.

We have also moved the tome drop chance from the first to the second boss of each wing. Both used to have a chance, but now only the boss has a (much greater than before) chance. We have left archaic fragment pieces on both.

  26 Mar 2013 - Woldaff

Upcoming Bane and Trap Changes


In the next (hopefully!) patch, the following Bane changes shall go live.

First off, we have consolidated the old body type categories, and updated around 11,000 NPCs to the following:

Humanoid Monster: Unintelligent things in a generally humanoid shape. Examples: Sivakians and Paw Cats

Humans/Orcs/Ancients (These are the ancient races of Dalaya. This includes Humans, Orcs, Lodrish and any other race that has been on Dalaya since soon after the Great War. The one exception being Iksar.)

Undead: All undead, including sentient undead like vampires

Giant/Trolls/Ogres: Giants...trolls.... and ogres. Also cyclops!

Construct/Clockwork: Constructs like golems and clockworks.

Chaotic/Corrupted: Chaotic beings like Akhevan and Earth Terror and corrupted creatures like Badland's animals.

The Young Races: Elves, Erudite, Barbarian, Halfling, Gnome. All races that came from Humans.

Lesser Elemental: Lesser world elementals, and trash in the elemental planes.

Reptiles/Amphibeans: Iksars, Frogloks, Basalisks, Snakes, tadpoles, etc.

Magical: Wisps, torrents, other things obviously held together by magic.

Sylvan/Animal: Pumas, Flowers, Fungus men, Tigers, Bats, Birds, Fairies Etc

Insect/Arachnid: All insects like mosquitos and spiders!

Monster: Monsterous beasts like griffons, manticores, centaurs. Anything half animal, half
something else.

Planar Elemental/Elemental Gods: Bosses in the planes, and other elementals tied directly to the gods.

Dragons/Dragonkin: Dragons, Wyverns, Wurms, etc.

We are hoping that this consolidation will help make each bane type relatively useful instead of having one or two bane types rule the roost.

Be sure to read the post below to find out about the new way non-primary/secondary worn bane will work. We are going to be putting much more worn bane on thematically and balance appropriate gear throughout the game. Expect the majority of this to be in next patch, and more to go in shortly after! (Thats a lot of items for us to go through!)

Expect possible slight changes to these groups in the next few months. We are doing our best to get it perfect the first time, but we all know how that goes.

Next patch (hopefully) will bring about a revamp of the trap system.

First, we have gone through and changed about 2300 NPCs to not see rogue invisibility.

Second, we have split the sense trap skill into two parts. First, a general sense trap that is available to all classes. Second, a specific sense trap that is available to Rogues and Bards.

When any player walks near a trap that is within their sense skill, the trap will appear as a visible model. The size of that model will depend on your sense trap as related to the skill trivial of the trap. This should allow any class to, when paying attention, identify and avoid traps throughout the game world - most specifically when dungeon crawling.

Since a trap will appear larger in size relative to your sense trap skill, rogues, bards and rangers will allow for much more ease of trap identification. The sense trap caps are tentatively set as follows: Rogues 250, Bards 120, Rangers 100, Other Melees 75, Casters 50.

Rogues and Bards will also be able to specifically sense traps. Using the sense button forces the trap model larger, and keeps it from dissappearing again for many minutes. We have drastically lowered the chance of a critical trap failure, and are possibly planning to add beneficial effects when certain traps are disarmed. Rangers will also be able to sense outdoor traps and disarm them from afar with their bows. We are also considering to give rangers some limited ability to disarm indoor traps.

A sprung trap will respawn in about 20 minutes. A disarmed trap will stay down for an hour or more - depending how much higher your skill is as compared to the traps trivial. Most raid or group traps will be down for a period of time that one disarm of each trap should be efficient.

We have removed some trash from most raid zones where we have implemented the new traps. You should, on average, have shorter clears with smart rogues and bards, but longer clears if you just blindly run into all the traps.

Of course, we will be monitoring this change and tweaking as needed!

  13 Mar 2013 - Woldaff

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