Beastlord Pet Change

This change does not go live until late tonight! You can preflag but will not see the pets correctly until the patch.

We have been looking into fun ways to make beastlords closer to their warders as partners instead of just being a spell they cast like a magician or necromancer pet. After all, they are called "Warders" and not "pets" for a reason. While we are still working on some aspects of this, we have a fun aesthetic change that happened to be completed early.

When a Beastlord hits level 9, they will now be able to choose the beast they will bind with. Each Beastlord race now has three warder options that, once chosen, stick with the beastlord throughout their entire career.

The idea is that a beastlord's warder is not a collared beast, but instead an expression of the beastlords inner self channeled symbiotically into the beast and vice versa. This means synergistic abilities involving shared health and abilities between the beastlord and their warder make sense. It also means that there should be some sort of connection between the personality and strengths of the beastlord and the choice of pet. How can you feel like you and your warder buddy are special teammates when every other Iksar has the same scaled wolf as you.

Ever see a Barbarian beastlord and think to yourself, "His inner spirit is really a snow bunny, not a wolf"? This has been remedied.

Ever wonder how some dumb ogre is able to control a grizzly bear that is actually smarter then he is? Well, skunks are pretty dumb, right?

Beastlords, ever want to ride your best warder buddy around East Badlands? Well, you still can't. You will just have to pretend.

If you are already above level 9, then you will be summoning a temporary pet until you pay a visit to your starting city guild master. We are undecided regarding whether the temporary pet is going to be permenent, or if at some point we will switch all old beastlords to the "No pet till you decide" system.

  15 Apr 2013 - Woldaff

Small Rogue Trap Change

The cool down on rogue traps have been lowered substantially. The preparation time has also been lowered on the second tier trap kit. A third tier trap kit with very low preparation time is being planned for an upcoming patch.

  10 Apr 2013 - Woldaff


In addition to the Bodytype changes of a few patches ago, we have now added worn Bane damage to around 175 items throughout the game.

A few things still need to be done, and will happen next patch. We will be removing all bounty augs and reimbursing with tokens so that they can buy a new one of their choice.

A few items that had bane damage prior to the patch still need to maneuvered over. If you have an item that used to have bane, hold tight for now.

  09 Apr 2013 - Woldaff

Patch Notes 04/09/2013

Do you hate buffs? YEAH ME TOO!!! They said it couldn't be done, but it has been done!!! Well now there's a solution for you to block those buffs you really can't stand. Just type /cm blockbuff and all your dreams will come true. All you need to know is the spell ID of the spell which you're looking to block, which can be found in your current buffs list with the /char command.

Rejoice for never having to get Call of the Predator ever again.

  09 Apr 2013 - Jumbers

Tur`Ruj Modifications

The Tar`Loc tribe in Tur`Ruj is no longer a complete pushover. At the same time, the Ju`Bor tribe is no longer nigh impossible.

Hurray for balance!

  04 Apr 2013 - Woldaff


EDIT: April Fools! This was our 2013 April Fools prank. The staff went out onto the interwebs, and found the worst advertisements we could get our hands on. Then we went and put those advertisements into all the game music and spell effects. I also made a flock of birds that spelled out "Folgers Coffee" in the sky in Athica.

On the bright side the playerbase of SoD has many, many less worms.

Until next year, folks.

Due to the recent widespread item, class, archetype, tome, spell, stance, experience and money drop nerfs we have had a hard time keeping donators. In fact, so many donators have dropped out that we have had to take drastic measures.

We have decided to implement short and barely noticeable audio advertisements throughout the game. We ask that you please keep your game sound on in order to support the server, and allow us to continue to bring you the excellent lag and bug free game play everyone has come to expect.

We hope to soon implement more advertisements throughout different parts of the game. Also, within the next few days we will be editing the client files to make playing without sound impossible.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and hope you all had a great Easter.

  01 Apr 2013 - Woldaff

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