Patch notes 6/4/2013

- A quite elusive zone crashing bug was fixed, so there will be less zone crashes
- The relatively new Dev-Taryth has bestowed upon you /cm blessed so you can check blessed zones without having to log out
- I'm drinking some bottled water right now

  04 Jun 2013 - Jumbers

New Donation System and Spell Parser!

Donation System:

After many months of effort by our resident coder Taryth, we now have a completely automated donation system! Utilizing a secure third party payment company, we can now take all major credit cards directly through our donation portal. Further, since it is all handled in house now, your accounts are flagged for donation rewards instantly! Expect a donation/account drive coming down the pipe soon that will utilize this further!

Spell Parser:

We also have a brand new official web-based spell parser! You can find it at "" This handy tool is also brought to you by Taryth.

Expect us to incorporate the webpage theme into both tools in the near future. Further, if you are someone who is great at webpage design and think you could help us incorporate all our new shiny tools into the webpage, let us know!

  20 May 2013 - Woldaff

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