Patch notes 6/21/2013

Lots of good quests news!
- This thread has its first implemented quest. Look for it in Sadri Malath.
-Newbie quests for all classes added to Sundered Mountains, Centuar Hills, Kelethin, Fearstone and Halas.
-Newbie Paladins and Clerics have a new quest in North Newport.
-Newbie Beastlords of all races will now be welcomed by Primalist Vylva, faction permitting. Drop rates and rewards for this quest were updated.
-Those who have already finished Primalist Vylva's quests will find additonal quests in the 20-35 level range.
-Quests for Sundered Mountains in the 20-30ish range.
-Rewards for the Halls of Misery class specific quests have been overhauled and upgraded!
-The drop rate for Gleaming Ingot of Valorium has been increased significantly.

In addition:
-Added light sources to over 300 items.
-Beastlord Skunk pets should now animate properly in all zones.

  21 Jun 2013 - Olive

Class Guild Factions

Some class guild factions throughout the game have had their default faction modifier towards other races lowered. As an example, the Caster Guild in Newport no long hates Trolls or Ogres more than Halflings. This primarily effects Newport, Sadri Malath and Underhill.

Modifiers based on class are unchanged. For instance, Cleric guilds still hate Necromancers.

  04 Jun 2013 - Woldaff

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