Inventory Troubles August 5th, 2013

We experienced a small problem with our database that resulted in a few dozen characters who played on August the 5th, 2013 to have their inventory rolled back a few hours.

We were able to reimburse the majority of items looted during the rollback period directly through the mail system. So if you see your fomelo and think it looks wrong, check your mail in game before freaking out!

If you still have a quest, raid or other important item missing please /petition in game and reference the rollback. We will have an increased GM presence for the next few days while we sort everything out.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and are working to make sure this does not happen again!

  06 Aug 2013 - Woldaff

Patch notes 7/7 - 7/17

Most of the Dev Team remains focused on the new client upgrade, otherwise known as SoD 3.0. We are making good progress on database and script conversion! Other work is being done by veterans of the team as quick side projects or by newer members of the team for practice. Many bug fixes and server updates also went in this week.

New projects include:
*Greater Faydark area - Kelethin has gotten major quest updates. Fearstone Keep is undergoing a revamp including bug fixes, new quests, and updated loot.
*Sadri Malath area - Many new quests in Sundered Mountains.
*Centaur Hills and Stingers Bog - Several new quests

Bug fixes:
*A small oversight in the drop rates of Spires Class Bracers has been corrected. Rejoice, druids, enchanters, and rangers!
*The number of disease counters involved in the The Void Worm encounter has been lowered by about 1/3. An uncommon issue with the AE from The Void Worm hitting players twice has been corrected.
*Several item and dialog fixes from recently added newbie quests. Be sure to visit this thread or petition if you encounter bugs in new quests.

Monk Style Change:
*Monk style 8 has been changed from a missile avoidance stance to a construct dis-empowering stance. When active, the monk will break the shield on any Construct and allow him/herself and other melees to score critical hits against it.

*Necessary updates to server software. This took longer than anticipated but should be worth it.
*Don't forget we now have an official web-based spell parser! You can find it at ""

  17 Jul 2013 - Olive

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