Patch Notes August 28, 2013

- Druid Change: All swarms MAY be cast Indoors (but they are way better Outdoors).

- Paladin Change: ALL Paladins have a new innate ability: DIVINE REFUSAL

Divine Refusal is a guaranteed death save vs. undead enemies every 3 days. That means every 72 hours, you have a guaranteed bounce-back if a skeleton punches you to death.

New Shaman Tome: BLOOD FEAST
New Paladin Tome: Divine Radiance

Other uninteresting stuff happened also!

Enjoy the game!

  28 Aug 2013 - Slaariel

Shards of Dalaya 2.5 Beta

We have gotten our client side upgrade stable enough to start accepting small groups of people to help us sniff out bugs. If you are willing to help us test things out, and are happy and excited to share your experience with other players, shoot an email to with your account name (NOT PASSWORD), other friends who are applying (so we can group people together on acceptance) and what sort of play hours you can commit to.

Experience gained on beta will be transfered back to your live character, but most items will not be. We will be doing our absolute best to keep you compensated for time you spend in beta, but understand that some bugs may preclude things transferring over.

We hope to have this beta up for as short a time as possible before moving live over to the new client, so please apply only if you play a few times a week!

  23 Aug 2013 - Woldaff

Patch Notes August 22, 2013

- Three Class Tomes Added.
- Huge upgrade on the server side that makes me, personally, very happy.
- New scripting commands available for developers.
- New NPCs and a few new quests.

Enjoy your day!

  23 Aug 2013 - Slaariel

Love is Blind and also Blindness is Aggravating

Thanks to the participants in the Hater Nation mini-competition over the weekend, we were able to gather info and test a new technology for aggro-generation.

The way that debuffs (including but not limited to: blinds, stat debuffs, snare, root, mez, slow, stun) generate aggro has been tweaked very slightly on the server-side. The cap has been raised and scaling introduced that will cover all monsters added to the game from now on and should be a permanent solution to this area of combat mechanics.

This affects everyone who ever casts a debuff on anything, but it should be most noticeable to Paladins, strangely the premiere debuffing class on Shards of Dalaya!


  06 Aug 2013 - Slaariel

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