Patch notes 01/29/2014

Things And Stuff:

  • Rootfruit now exists. Are you a bad enough dude to find it?
  • Bard AA innate proc from Sonic Blades now works while casting your songs.
  • Spiders are no longer Reptiles nor Amphibians.

  29 Jan 2014 - Jumbers

Welcome to Windstone Caverns

Welcome to Windstone Caverns

Shards of Dalaya's newest 6-man dungeon goes live after a good testing session over MLK/REL/Civil Rights/Confederate Memorial weekend! Come with your friends (Tier 9-ish) and explore the dark and probably tragic results of a once-promising colonization effort from long ago.

Updates from last test weeked:

  • 15% Zone Experience Modifier added.
  • Cash drops increased slightly.
  • Bridge repaired (there is still some construction being done, though!)

Have fun!

  22 Jan 2014 - Slaariel

Patch Notes 01/08/2014

Bugfix Bonanza:

  • Dreadsilk actually really exists for really real now, I promise.
  • Cascading Bond no longer causes the enchanter to die 87.5% faster at maximum rank!
  • A bunch of people received fame for dialog errors and other stuff like that, so /bug them if you find them.

  08 Jan 2014 - Jumbers

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