Targeting Rings and Graphics Tearing

The two biggest graphic bugs in Shards of Dalaya history have been fixed. Radeon graphics cards should now properly show the targeting ring, and NPC models should no longer tear when in first person using an NVidea card. Rejoice!

Thanks go to "SoDQuester2" on the SoD forums. Be sure to bask him in adulation.

P.S. This is not a joke - just ironic timing. Patch and log in to see for yourself!

  01 Apr 2014 - Woldaff

Patch Notes

Track Bots:
There has long been a problem with older players utilizing armies of track bots to gain an advantage when racing younger guilds to raid events. We have decided to take action to address this in a way that is fair to players of all levels.

There is now a channel in game that shows two things. First, a message is broadcast whenever a raid boss is killed showing who it was killed by and what time and date it will respawn. Second, whenever a raid boss respawns, a message will also be broadcast.

In addition to the messages, you can also see a list of all mob spawntimes by typing /cmd oracle.

We think this is a fairer system than banning track bots or imposing a guild rotation on raid events. Although the new messages are on by default, you can turn them off with "/cmd hidekills on".

Generic/Archtype/Class Tomes:
We have taken all non-raid tomes that were Ikisith exclusive and have added them to group experience zones throughout the game. Generally, the relationship between the difficulty of an experience area and the rank of tomes they drop has been preserved.

Keep in mind that not all tomes were added to all zones, and that some of the easier zones may have only had tomes added to the harder area of the zone. The following zones have had tomes added to them:

Catacombs of Elthannar
Cyrtho Malath
Everchill Caverns
Fire Grotto
First Ruins
Kedge Keep
The Deepshade
The Rust
Windstone Caverns

New Area Bonus:
The amount of experience gain required to reset the New Area Bonus has been decreased by a third. Further, the time a player spends with no bonus before going negative has been substantially lengthened.

We are looking to adding in a way to purchase an early reset to your bonus with platinum in the future. Stay tuned for this in the next couple of weeks.

In addition to the addition of tomes, parts of Highkeep are getting a small revamp.

The dungeon area of the zone has had its spawn timer reduced by about a third. In addition to this, many new spawn locations have also been added. The staff hopes that this change will make the basement area a legitimate place to experience without the current problem of constantly running out of appropriate things to kill.

Finally, next patch the basement area of the zone will be populated with new content, including a new named encounter. (Expect this Tuesday or Wed.)

Zone Experience Modifiers:
The Deep, Kedge Keep and Runnyeye have had their experience modifiers moderately increased.

Bounty Rewards:
Nearly all Thurgadin Bounty rewards have been given small increases in power. We hope to also add in more equipment slot options to the bounty system in the next few weeks.

  01 Apr 2014 - Woldaff

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