Patch Notes 05/16/2014

  • Wizard familiars will now cancel an actively casting heal if they want to mimic a nuke.

  • Rains once again have 1/3rd the chance to crit on players which matches the chance against NPCs.

  • Hates Fury 6 man should no longer cause people to become trapped while zoning in.

  16 May 2014 - Jumbers

Scheduled Server Maintenance

Update: The maintenance is now complete.

There will be scheduled downtime 9:30 PM EST for a minimum of 1.5-2 hours on April 10th, 2014.

During this downtime we will be retiring our current server and upgrading to a more powerful one. This will allow us to better host the 2.5 beta as we begin to expand it, and also hopefully cut down on lag and zoning times across the board.

Feel free to hang out with us in IRC during the transfer! Of course, if you really are having withdrawals, you can play the official Shards of Dalaya Offline Edition here.

  09 Apr 2014 - Woldaff

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