PATCH NOTES - August 10, 2014


- People should land critical spells more normally again
- Dual-spells like Cryotoxin should be appropriately mimickable.


- Mielech's Laboratory open for first-looks. Expect bugs and changes as usual.

Have a great day!

  10 Aug 2014 - Slaariel

More User Friendliness!

Dev-Taryth has put in the following work:

- You can now camp more quickly in safe zones like cities, assuming there is no war, you have no aggro and you are not PVP flagged. Be aware it will still say 30 seconds (though it is actually 10, you will get a message you feel safe), and at the end you will get a disconnect instead of a clean exit, though this should not affect anything. It's just a limitation of the 2.0 client sadly.
- Two new commands, /cm refreshgroup and /cm refreshraid have been put in to make fixing group/raid bugs a bit less annoying. This is a temporary fix until 2.5 where groups/raids are completely redone.


  14 Jun 2014 - Slaariel

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