Halloween Quest 2014 - Part 2 Now Live!

Part 2 of the quest is now live. You will get an emote when you reach the end of the line where phase 3 begins.

A word to the wise - pay very close attention to the quest text, you can easily do things you don't intend by just blasting through /cm d1 all the time! Make sure you read what's going on, and refer to your journal. We won't be re-doing any "oops"es.

Also, you can now make Cured Silk Robes, though it may take a bit more ointment given its size and all.

  02 Oct 2014 - taryth

PATCH NOTES - September 27, 2014

Minor patch this time around!

- Fixed a long-standing item disappearance bug (but in a minor way).

- Fixed Maul proc rates on Blood Feast.

- Halloween content is... live? Undead? Just appearing over the horizon? At any rate there are masks to find and play with.

  27 Sep 2014 - Slaariel

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