Halloween 2014 is fully live!

This year's Halloween quest is finally complete! A few caveats:

- The final event is timed, and locks out others while it's going on (and people are in the zone). Please be considerate in not tying up unnecessary time.

- While I tried hard to get the balance of the items right, I may need to tweak them (up OR down) in the upcoming days. Please be aware of this, and my apologies in advance if I need to back something down. It is a last resort, I assure you.

- If you find anything odd, such as being able to repeatedly farm things, etc., report them IMMEDIATELY. The final event is surprisingly complex, and thus I'm not ruling out unanticipated flaws. Do not take advantage of them, I will not be happy.

- Feedback on the forums is certainly welcome, and you will find additional details there.

  16 Oct 2014 - taryth

Small Content Update - October 4, 2014

Bounty Merchants now sell boxes of pet weapons! Get your Snow Claws, Ice Rippers, and Glacial Mallets today! (Or for casting pets, Snow Globes, Frozen Foci, and Souls of Shojar!)

  04 Oct 2014 - Slaariel

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