PATCH NOTES December 1, 2014

Changes for ME:
- Just some dev stuff that you will never care about probably.

Item Changes:
- Some out-of-line weapon proc rates adjusted.
- Horok proc should be fixed.
- Many pet weapons rec-level dropped to 54 (for frogs you know).
- Many MNK-usable items have had STR/DEX adjusted (see next section).

Monk Update:
- Monks have lost most of their stances.
- Monks have lost my terrible combo system.
- Monks have lost the flat damage increase from +Hand-to-hand skill.
- Monks have gained a Discipline combat system similar to the Warrior stamina system.
- Each Monk special attack has an additional effect if used properly at >= 40% Discipline.
KICK activates a small Life Tap.
ROUND KICK becomes an AE kick.
FLYING KICK gains a large damage bonus.
- In DEFENSIVE Stance:
TIGER CLAW adds a hate proc.
EAGLE STRIKE stuns or interrupts.
DRAGON PUNCH adds a small knockback and root effect.
- A Monk attacking from the front of a target now INCREASES the "Aux-Tanking" cap for that mob slightly.
- A Monk attacking from the front of a target now ADDS EXTRA "Aux-Tanking" damage reduction.
- These bonuses stack PER MONK (up to three, of course).
- Monk Hand-to-Hand damage (weaponless only) now SCALES IN RATIO with a COMBINATION OF STR AND DEX.
- Accordingly, about 100 items have had stats adjusted to smooth out this curve. High end Monks should notice LITTLE DIFFERENCE or a SLIGHT INCREASE in bare-fisted DPS.
- ARMED monks who are Aux-tanking have a BONUS to AVOID peripheral melee attacks (RAMPAGE, etc.).
- ARMED Monks who are NOT Aux-tanking have a SMALLER BONUS to AVOID peripheral melee attacks.
- ARMED Monks who are Aux-tanking have a BONUS to MITIGATE spell damage.
- ALL MONKS are permanently unstunnable from rear attacks (permanent /s 6).
- Please post comments in the thread.

Dalayan Blood Drive:
- It's over now! Thank you to all who participated and even thanks to those who really wanted to participate but didn't because they hate needles or believe that if they donate blood they will die. Maybe next time! I will hand out rewards over the course of the day; be sure to pester me if you are missed (somehow).

  01 Dec 2014 - Slaariel

Windows XP And Below Users

For folks with XP who had trouble with 1.94 of the patcher, the new version (1.95) should hopefully fix that. Please report if it does not.

  29 Nov 2014 - Slaariel

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