Encounter Change, and Spires Goodness

Two bits of news to share:

- There was ambiguity in whether pet pulling the overgrown szithri in Abyss through nearby non-social trash was intended. Upon review of the code, it was clear that this was NOT the intent, therefore the encounter has been slightly modified. If that's how you used to pull it, you might want to adjust your strategy a bit.

- Someone upgraded the wards in and around Spires of Saitha. The sewer wards AND inside wards should now remember you once you've presented appropriate identification, eliminating the need to bring it each time. This won't show up in your keyring until next patch (it's a flag, not a true key). Please let Taryth know if any problems arise, especially inside. Until the change has been in for awhile, I'd recommend against trashing your scrolls. You know, just in case.


  30 Dec 2014 - taryth

PATCH NOTES - December 7, 2014

Monk Update Part Two

- Empowered Flying Kick base damage heavily adjusted.
- Bonus damage added to empowered Flying Kick
- Bonus damage scales with LEVEL (beginning at 50) with a small bonus from STR/DEX. (It's very small.)
- Life Tap moved to empowered Eagle Strike and numbers adjusted.
- Life Tap damage receives small bonus from STR/DEX. (Again very small.)
- Empowered Round Kick receives a small aggro boost.
- Stun / Interrupt moved to Kick.
- Ethereal Stance duration extended.
- Ethereal Stance gets a small duration boost from STA.
- Wall of Will Stance restored.
- Wall of Will Stance gets a small duration boost from STA.
- All discipline costs adjusted and tuned.


- Some items had unusable Spell Ward replaced with different effects.


- A mechanic has been added to Windstone Caverns that may result in getting Emberflow Tomes.
- You're going to have to work / explore / try things though, sorry.

  07 Dec 2014 - Slaariel

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