Quite a few updates

Beastlord Changes!
I'm overall very pleased with beastlord changes, and it seems most players are too. Always nice. That said, some areas are more out-of-whack than I expected, so I wanted to make some targeted changes. As I told someone, it's like carving a sculpture, we've got the rough cuts done, now it's the refinement steps.

Also, due to client limitations, the timer in the AA window *is wrong* and cannot be fixed I guess until 2.5. Lame. The true timer remains at 30 minutes.

Here are the changes:

- Procs will now only have a chance to mimic. The chance is governed by the level of your pet and the nature of the spell (single target, PBAE, etc.) as well as whether it costs you mana. I think this was one of the biggest things that went much further than I wanted.
- Pet curse will only affect "primary" pets - swarms and such will not receive the benefit.
- The cost of mimic stance was increased last week, it should not replace things like /s 2. I'm going to leave it where it is for awhile and see how that looks.
- You will no longer get stunned when your swarm pets die, thank goodness
- ALL BL pets will now proc a stam/mana spell on their master. The amount scales along with the level of the pet. Here again, I just made these numbers up based on some other things, so they may get dialed up or down once I start seeing some metrics roll in.
- The "half cost" spell that R2 pet procs now sends an extra message like a rogue opening that lets you know when you can take advantage of it, should make it easier to filter
- Message for WW now activates BEFORE the pet actually does it
- You won't get a stupid message when casting things like beneficial spells that won't work while in /s 8

Overgrowth Fixes!
-Warden Wevrynn is finally ready to accept the pendants from the Circle's leaders. There is power that lurks deep within The Overgrowth
-Kara`kadar has been adjusted to be roughly a tier 11 fight
-Eniva the Troubadour has finally been fixed
-Prime Warden Jenrok has been changed a bit

- Reanimated priest got nerfed...in a good way. While the fight was always hard, it's now working FULLY correctly (it wasn't in its original incarnation) and was just too hard for its tier. AE damage has been reduced and main tank should get pummelled less. Also, might want to JI it...
- Thaz Earth boss is currently unavailable - he had an exploitable problem that we haven't had time to look at yet. Mini should still be doable if you are so inclined.


  26 Apr 2015 - taryth

Some New Beastlord Changes Active...

So a few new beastlord things are active. You will find Gelid Blood (L58) available on merchants. There is also a new quest which will unlock your beast's true potential, as well as explaining the new skills and stances you have. It is a quick quest, primarily designed for lore.

A couple more changes to pets will be incoming in the next couple days, then I'm going to let things settle for a bit to see how things look.

  21 Apr 2015 - taryth

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