Server Downtime 8/28

There will downtime affecting ALL services including game and website beginning at 00:00 Eastern on August 28th.

This is now complete.

This this the first big step towards getting ourselves transitioned over to 2.5. We should have some more exciting 2.5 news coming soon!

  25 Aug 2015 - Jumbers

*Bleep* The Scrap Heap is online!

Are you into puzzles?

Do you sometimes like doing tradeskills?

Or quests?

Okay for the two people still reading this update, please enjoy the Scrap Heap - a self-contained story zone with some fights, some puzzles, a bit of loot, and some interesting mechanics. The zone doesn't really support more than one group (it's kinda small) but feel free to go with as many people as you like. The combat difficulty (ho-hum) is like Kaesora+ (sometimes).

Oh I forgot to say where it is.. uh.. I dunno.. the badlands? Maybe?

  02 Jul 2015 - Slaariel

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