2.5 Hardware Upgrade


We are aware that people have had lag and zoning problems in 2.5. I believe this is a result of not having enough resources available, but we can't easily allocate more without impacting 2.0. It seems we might be impacting 2.0 a bit already, so...

This weekend we will be putting 2.5 beta on its own hardware. This should help with a lot of these problems, and alleviate some of the slowness/zoning problems on 2.0 as well. 2.5 may be down for a short bit as we cut over, but 2.0 will not be affected.

Please let us know if this helps, I certainly expect it to.


  18 Sep 2015 - taryth

2.5 Status Update

- Added /cm idied command. This will summon "Oops I Killed You Bot" which will help by removing death fatigue and restoring HP and mana. He also does a heck of a show. There can be only 6 in a zone at a time, if there are too many dancing, wait a few then summon one.
- Zone to cesspits is fixed. Additionally, some other area-based events should work
- Factions should be ok now

  15 Sep 2015 - taryth

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