2.5 Update

We know there are still issues logging into some zones. I'm working on that.

Big update solving a lot of inventory problems and a few other things:

- Can now read book contents
- Problems with Dream items being wrong and odd spell mem problems should be gone
- Problems occurring with items given by quest NPCs should be much, much better
- NPCs should no longer spawn sitting
- Con levels, most notably of adepts, should be correct now
- Clickies like Crystal Cactus Pod and other things that use Produce should work now and not take 30 seconds to cast
- Bard songs are once again limited to 2 beneficial melodies
- World tradeskill containers should work now. We have disabled the more advanced functionality that helps make tradeskills less painful for now, we're deciding what to do with it. For now, it should reasonably mirror 2.0

  22 Sep 2015 - taryth

2.5 Back Up, and updates

The migration to new hardware was successful. Performance is still not ideal, but it seems far better, give it a go.

Changes so far:

- Should be able to delete your characters now

  20 Sep 2015 - taryth

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