Clarification of Yclist Policies, and Engagement Change

There have been questions in the past about whether certain things are allowed vs. not allowed in Yclist. We discussed this and thought we'd clarify a few things:

1) You MAY use the piranha tunnels to bypass the gate. You may find a few more of them, however. But the intent is you may choose whichever method you prefer. What is NOT acceptable is shrinking or any other techniques to sneak through the gate. Confront the mobs or use the water tunnels - those are your options.

2) The "banner method" for getting up outside Kli'kil's room has been been ambiguous. Generally, some leeway has been given to people collecting pages only. Apparently though, people have used this as a quick way to bypass intended trash on the way to bosses. As such:

- You MAY use the "shortcut" if you are up collecting pages. Note that you still have to deal with trash if they are up, of course.

- You MAY NOT use the shortcut to bypass content (up to and including Animation and that whole area) if you are engaging a boss, notably Kli'kil and Fer'din. In fact, if you fail to clear the trash when you go to engage them, you will find they have a new trick up their sleeve, one you won't like.

Please note, on this latter point, that you will need to make sure to clear out the enchanters near Prime Enchanter's area (hint, hint). This includes BOTH RAMPS up to Kli'kil, make sure you're getting the new enchanters on each ramp up (that's 2 new mobs, can be solo pulled). This is really the only change as long as you have been clearing appropriately (and you really won't notice it beyond 2 extra trash to clear), but PLEASE make sure you get both ramp mobs, or bad things will happen to your poor raid.

Any questions, catch me in game or IRC.


  18 Nov 2015 - taryth

2.5 Update - 10/10

- Made some major fixes to groups and raids, hopefully they work better now. Don't expect advanced functionality like locking, group transfer, etc. to work yet; that will happen shortly after release.

- Fixed certain weapons crashing zones (like Spirit-Harvest)

  10 Oct 2015 - taryth

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