MUST READ: 2.5 Go Live

We've posted some very important information on 2.5 go-live. Folks need to be familiar with it, and I highly suggest getting a working copy of 2.5 installed ASAP.

Please don't wait until the last minute! The sooner you get ready, the more availability we have to help fix issues. We are finalizing the migration of 2.0 patches to 2.5, resolving a few more crash bugs, copying our tools to 2.5 and we're gonna kick this pig, so please be ready.

Staff is available in IRC (#25Testing) to assist with migration issues. If I am in game, feel free to ask me there as well - it's perfectly fine to send me tells pre-2.5.

This is very exciting for us. While the learning curve may be a bit steep and there will be short-term frustrations, we think you'll really like it. :)


  30 Nov 2015 - taryth

Change to First Ruins Bloodfire/Rohk Policy

The policy with respect to the "Rohk area" has been updated. The new policy is as follows:

"The entirety of the Tarhyl area, everything past bloodfires, is now 6man only (including Rohk and Elders). No 7th man rezzing or buffing will be allowed past bloodfires."

  18 Nov 2015 - taryth

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