2.5 Release Date


I was hoping to release 2.5 this week (12/12), but there are still a few late things that we can't go live with. Rather than risking a disaster of rollbacks and more broken stuff, we need to push this back a week. As such, let's hold off a week and go for 12/19. I'm sorry for the repeated delays, but I'd rather do this than release something that I'm just not comfortable with.

So plan for Saturday, 12/19!


  10 Dec 2015 - taryth

Winter is coming... and so is 2.5

Thanks to Secrets, we've now got dual login support for 2.5 which means we will be listed on the official EQEmu login servers as well as continuing to run our own login server. This won't affect any existing accounts; you will still be able to log in as normal. Being listed on the EQEmu login server exposes us to the thousands of active players of various EQEmu servers.

Speaking of winter, the 2.0 codebase has been frozen and I'm currently working through merging the last several years of code changes forward. Once this is complete we'll need to do some final testing for regressions, but we're in the home stretch.

  07 Dec 2015 - Jumbers

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