2.5 Fixes - 12/22

Going to try to keep up with patch notes a little better.

- Quivers and other items which summon stacks should work correctly. In fact, many clickies should be fixed
- Clicking items should not longer remove 2 charges
- Fixed a crash in gfay
- Significant improvements to zoning code. Should notice far fewer disconnects and other weird issues when LD/zoning
- You can remove items from world tradeskill containers without them poofing and you getting disconnected. WARNING!!!! If you simply walk away, the items will poof still! Make sure you reclaim the items!! (This will get fixed at some point)
- Items with haste listed on them should actually grant haste now!

Other notes:
- Boats need a bit of work. For now, I will place Taryth's Little Helpers at boat zone points that can take you to various locations

As for other things currently being worked on:

- Activatable AA fixes soon
- Broken spell fixes
- Review of mob DPS
- Runspeed fixes

Please don't ask timelines on things or what will be included. We are working extremely hard and trying to triage as best we can. We're getting there now, but we still have a ways to go. So keep submitting /bug reports - that is where we are going to find things. Immediate needs (missing items, etc.) can still be petitioned. Please understand that we cannot possibly track personal requests, IRC comments or forum feedback - if it's not in /bug, chances are we won't be looking at it just because we can't. So again, use /bug always please!

  22 Dec 2015 - taryth

2.5 is finally here

After several years of work and an immeasurable number of man-hours, the 2.5 client update is live. The update entailed a massive overhaul of most of our server code and allows us to use a much more modern client than before. On top of this, we're also now listed on the official EQEmulator server list which opens the server up to a wider audience.

As with any sort of major upgrade, there are bugs to be expected. If you find any issues, please use the in-game /bug command to report them. We'll be checking these reports frequently so we can get things ironed out as quickly as possible.

Thank you to all the testers who helped with the beta and reported issues to get to where we are now.

Lastly and certainly not least, we couldn't have accomplished this major upgrade without the huge amount of work from Taryth, Secrets and KLS. They all put a ton of time into this project.

  16 Dec 2015 - Jumbers

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