Patch Notes 12/29

It may not seem like it, but this was a massive patch to fix a significant number of data issues. Highlights:

- Missing spawns should no longer be missing!
- Merchant buy/sell improvements (yes, I know items don't show when sold until you reload that merchant, and buying an item closes the merchant window - working on that)
- Cooldowns apply to AAs again
- Divine Unbinding should FINALLY be fixed!

The biggest change though: announcing alternate currencies!

In the process of upgrading merchants, we opted to remove the cruft around the old Thurgadin bounty token code. THURG BOUNTY TOKENS ARE NOW A FORM OF CURRENCY!

What does this mean?

- Once you load in once, your "tokens" (flags) will be converted to hard currency. You will see this in the Alternate Currency tab of your inventory window.
- The Thurgadin bounty merchants will directly accept these forms of currency - they open a slightly different merchant window that will show how many tokens you have at that rank. You buy items just like anything else - difference is it uses the correct token rather than platinum
- You NO LONGER need to give platinum to Thurgadin merchants - they deal only in Token currency
- The Coordinator that used to tell you how many tokens you has is now silent on the matter. Instead, look in your Alt Currency tab in Inventory

This is the FIRST NEW SoD feature, and also the first to use a brand new icon! We will eventually make Fame a currency as well, and will add others, too. The reason for doing this now is a side effect of cleaning up merchants.

Feel free to ask in IRC if you are confused about any of this. Ultimately, it's a much cleaner and more trackable system, and we think you'll really like it!


  30 Dec 2015 - taryth

Patch Notes - 12/27

- Some improvements to money handling, though there are still issues we're working on. ** If your money appears "wrong", try relogging to make sure - this is a known issue and seems to just be a display bug. **
- More activatable AA fixes (15 affected)
- Inspect should handle slots better
- Can buy player items correctly now
- Swarm pets of many varieties should work now
- Other stuff and things no one but us cares about

We will have more merchant/money handling fixes incoming very soon (was hoping to get them tonight). Please report any confirmed dupe bugs immediately in /petition - I didn't find any, but there's always risk editing merchant code. It goes without saying, intentionally exploiting dupe or money bugs is a jailiable/bannable offense, so please check with us if you think there's a problem. You WILL NOT get in trouble for simply reporting it, you're more likely to get our thanks.

  27 Dec 2015 - taryth

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