Patch Notes 1/5

First patch of the new year! It's a doozy, and the possibility of regression bugs is somewhat high on this one, so please report major breaks right away if you would.

- Elevators should work again
- Groups *hopefully* are better, but it is very hard to tell outside of actual game conditions. Please report whether it helped, made it worse, etc.
- Guild rank 0 should be able to reassign leadership
- Fixed a paladin problem with connecting/going LD
- Dev blows should no longer hit for 59,000 damage
- Re-added monk permanent /s 6
- Other internal fixes

  05 Jan 2016 - taryth

Patch Notes - 12/31

Happy New Year (almost) Dalayans! Patch notes are as follows:

- Most broken combines should be fixed
- /cm tomes will show you what tomes you have completed, and what you are working on
- Clickies the run out of charges should no longer bug out casting
- Items looted from corpses should show up as links
- Food/drink should be correctly consumed now
- Most non-elevator doors (including teleporters) should be working correctly now. Elevators are still broken for reasons that currently elude me
- AAs should not crash zones now
- Boats should have working models

  31 Dec 2015 - taryth

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