2.5 Progress Report

Here are the major bugs we have worked on in the past month:

- Groups
- Item proc rates
- Chat filters
- Faction problems
- Script conversion errors
- Poorly migrated DB tables (this is things like missing loot and HHK tmap site not functioning).
- We found a solution for helms not showing up.
- Other things (the list of minor bugs is about a billion things).
- Oh Haenir figured out how to get into a zone that had been inaccessible on 2.5 since it launched.

Here is what our content plans are:

- Marza is working on the second half of Thazeran's Tower (it's good trust me I have seen the loot).

- Marza may have finalized Eniva encounter (since it's officially beaten now).

- I am working on a sequel to one of my zones (higher tier 6-man).

- I am working on my major puzzle zone (only recently accessible in 2.5).

- I am outlining a rough sketch for a follow up to an old exp zone.

- I am working on a few more things, too. As usual the pile of unfinished Slaariel projects is immense.

Here is something that is important:

- I need an ITEM DEVELOPER to make items for all my zones. If you have an encyclopedic knowledge of Game Content and are willing to use that force for good please tell me about it (you can send me a pm on the forums that goes to my e-mail somehow).

- We are very close to having the tools for our content development stack functioning. At that time, I'll be looking for another content dev as well. Seriously though I really need an item developer, please apply if you have time and knowledge to spare for me.

- The plan to do a server advertising blitz has been delayed by these bugs (mostly groups / raids) but every week we make some progress toward this milestone. I've been assured that Woldaff has created a truly legendary advertising e-mail that is just sitting there ready to deploy when this bug is finally squashed.

Thank you for your patience as we continue down this immeasurably long road to 2.5 stability.

  14 Mar 2016 - Slaariel

*** Patch Notes March 7, 2016 ***

- Disarm works again
- The SB Buffbots in Surefall and Sadri should also work
- I fixed something else but cannot remember what it was
- Oh wait that's right pets can equip weapons, etc. again

- The SoD Team

  07 Mar 2016 - Slaariel

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