Patch Notes 3/30/2017

-"Cast on you" and "Cast on Other" spell messages should be mostly showing up. Might need to tweak things. As an example this spell:
When it's cast on you, you will get a message: "You feel drowsy". Or if you're the person casting it, you will see the message, "Target yawns".
-Removed Halloween items from dropping
-Class tome drops I-IV (the more recently implemented ones I believe) had a slightly lower chance of dropping. All implemented class tomes have the same chance of dropping now.
-Tweak beastlord mimic to block weird situations but allow the rest.
-Added 3 beastlord reageant conservation options with a surprise bonus on one of them!
-Listsold should stay up for 10 days instead of 4 for now, will see how that goes.

  30 Mar 2017 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - one in a series.


Quick update:

-Monks can use their invulnerability maneuver out of combat.
-Possibly fixed a shared mind bug that was crashing zones sometimes (this marks the 80th time we have had this exact same patch note).
-Focus effects should be filtered to the correct filter now
-Tome of the Swift should be working now.

  14 Mar 2017 - Slaariel

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