PATCH NOTES - July 3, 2017

-Taunt shouldn't crash zones now (oops)

-Spell set shouldn't de-mem on death (last patch actually)

-Grinkles login screen re-work (ohhh pretty)

-Haenir found some small improvements (~10% - 15%) for loading to character select screen from server select

-Dev Rymy

  08 Jul 2017 - Slaariel

PATCH NOTES - June 30, 2017

Updated DBs mostly.
Tweaked for balance:
Igneous Cummerbund
Aquos, Blade of Command
A few prime twins items
Yale itemization finalized

Leonin Bola (slots)
Hematite Hilted Iron Great Sword
Amber Hilted Iron Great Sword
Topaz Hilted Iron Great Sword
Kingchitin Shield
Kingchitin Cape
Kingchitin Leggings
Brutalist's Bludgeon (unconfirmed, but maybe)
Wand of the High Researcher (graphic)
Shard of Fire

Lishta's Bracelet
Lishta's Mining Pick
Nazdrich Claw
-Dev Rymy

  30 Jun 2017 - Slaariel

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