Patch Notes - August 25, 2017

-Medic Silsaka in Spires of Saitha will once again aggro as intended in 2.0.
-Zark the Decaying has returned to Shrouded Island for the first time in years! Nobody really knows where he went...

-Swole scaled wolves and LDoN-era golems (e.g. those in Prison of Admyrrza) should now display properly regardless of install version.
-Added custom texture sets to swole scaled wolf and rabbit models for future use.
-Generic weapon models (e.g. scythe, long sword, etc.) should once again display their hi-res variants.

-The icon for Spear of the Szithri now matches the weapon's model.

-William Defar of the Main Quest will once again accept Cobblestone turn-ins without issue.

-Large blobs of text in certain quests should properly display now
-Filters for some things (non-melee, crits, spell damage) hopefully work
properly now

  25 Aug 2017 - taryth

PATCH NOTES - July 8, 2017

-Yclist: Piranhas are being sent on a vacation for a while as they are hopefully the primary cause of lag in Yclist. A more long-term fix will happen later.

-Sorcerors twin fight shouldn't bug out anymore when wizards do wizard things.

-The Wind Hag should always spawn her adds.

-MQ text was sometimes too long and not displaying, most occurrences fixed.

-From Marza: Lowered HP on a few of the Yale encounter mobs. (Still needing to fix 1 mechanic with this)

-Guardian Keria should be more reasonable.

  08 Jul 2017 - Slaariel

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