Patch Notes October 30, 2017

- Clicky lifetaps no longer work through walls
- Halloween false life clickies should be targetable now. Note, however, that the effect can only land on a given target once every 10 minutes
- Some events had a weird issue that would cause infinite loops or other behaviors, these should be fixed. Note that, in particular, this may affect Mistborn, so just be aware it might be a little different
- Wolf sizes should be more sane now
- /surname will no longer work if you already have one set, restoring 2.0 default behavior
- All bows should have type 4 aug slots now


Forest of the Fallen is now LIVE! The zone is very large and has quite a bit to do in it. Expect some tweaks over the next few weeks. Two important things to note: do NOT attack people who are charmed as part of the events there, and do NOT
attack other people's mobs that are engaged without their permission! Both will be frowned upon by staff. >:-(

We are updating groups and raids to work better. We need your help to get rid of any bugs - you can do this by logging on to the test server (available at the login screen) and doing some group/raid events. Guilds will have an opportunity to
grab some loot from one encounter on test to carry over from live - please see the forums for details. Characters on test are those as of 10/25, and nothing you do there will impact the live environment at all.

  30 Oct 2017 - taryth

Patch Notes - October 18, 2017

- We believe we've found the cause of the aggro bug and fixed it. Please let us know if it persists.
- Clickies with class and/or race restrictions will now enforce those. Note that not all clickies are like this.
- Caverns of Darkness keys should now show up on the keyring.

  18 Oct 2017 - taryth

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