Patch notes - 2017-12-31

Last patch of the year!

I've added 2 big features that have been long requested even back in 2.0 but never really worked correctly in that client and subsequently weren't implemented.

Rez dialogs!

When a rez is cast on your corpse, you will receive a popup window with information as to who is rezzing you and what percentage of your exp debt it will restore.

Translocation confirmations!

Similar to rezzes, you'll get a popup with the person casting the spell and where the port will send you to. Since there's now a confirmation, you no longer need to be grouped to cast Translocate spells. Hooray! There is however a time limit of 30 seconds to accept a translocate, unless you're in a zone that you're able to bind, in which case there is no time limit.

Taryth also added another neat feature:


  • You can bring up the Bandolier window by pressing B and setup weapon profiles which can then be hot swapped either from the window itself or by creating a hot button.

In other news:

  • Thaz wing flags will now show up on your keyring.

  • 4.3 loot adjustments are in

    • Spell AC has been removed from the robe and replaced with 150 normal AC
    • Enchanter has been removed from Bane of the Fallen God. They now have their own replacement weapon
    • Bard sword is no longer 100% chance to double attack, but instead provides a boost to your base double attack skill
  • Nylastra'Zara shouldn't bug out anymore.

Upper Thaz is now live!!!

  31 Dec 2017 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - December 10, 2017

- Group and raid improvements are finally here! The changes are too numerous to update, so we created a forum post with full details on them along with how to use a couple cool new features. You can find it at
- Hate list functions have been changed internally in preparation for pet improvements. Please report any weirdness with respect to hate, as everything is expected to continue to function as before
- Identify should work again
- Players can now use /cm viewpetition and /cm deletepetition to manage their own petitions
- Celestial well can only be cast on players, which eliminates crashing caused by targeting pets
- Removed OP_Loot comments from corpse looting messages since they mean literally nothing to players
- Cabin Boy Shin now has another option for getting in to see the Captain in Hates Fury B if you were upset by the previously...violent...method. Consider talking to him about it.
- Changed some spawn timers a bit. We'll let you figure out which ones
- Completed rollout of Steam-based textures. If you are still on the old Titanium install, you are doing it wrong and probably see all kinds of humans and such
- Added a feature to the patcher that auto-archives logs once they reach a certain size. When enabled, files exceeding that size will be backed up (but not compressed) and a new log started as you click Run Game. This helps performance, since Windows becomes bad at appending files once they exceed about 100MB.
- Wizards taking the Life Burn AA should no longer have it replaced with Allegiant Familiar after it is taken
- Celestial Renewal rank 1 no longer grants access to a free spell - it enhances Celestal Regen like it is supposed to
- Lower Thaz fire boss trash should have proper body types now

  10 Dec 2017 - taryth

Patch Notes - November 30, 2017

- Elael Honor Guard Captain is back in business
- Skoal the Malignant is back in business
- Iskkath the Mindful should be fixed for realsies
- Forest of the Fallen rabbits no longer summon
- Training with Bonmig shield level up quest should be fixed (along with other secondary expable items that had issues)
- Pet damage messages should no longer be doubled
- Unbound shadow in Spires should take damage correctly now
- Conglomeration should no longer break the event if one of the splits is killed
- Hunderds moar speeling fizes to quests

  30 Nov 2017 - taryth

Patch Notes November 20, 2017

Quite a few changes this go around:

- Client should hopefully respect spell and song filters correctly now. We'll look at other ones as time permits, but this should alleviate incessant bard song spam.
- CoI has another top-tier quest available for those who found themselves unable to gain further faction and still being short of the final badge. A new item was created to support this quest, you will want to keep an eye out for it
- Raptor has been fixed AGAIN to behave better in FoB. A bonus: if you finished his quest line, he should leave you alone if you bump into him later.
- Literally hundreds of speeling fizes
- The roar of a dragon has been known to scare away the nearby wildlife.
- The Bzztzz hive is a little less severe.
- Bzztzz Pheromone now has various effects on different bees.
- If you're stuck on a certain quest from Vaton, talk to him to learn about what you can do.
- Memories cannot be used while in combat.
- Tigan recongizes the difficulty of killing elite yiv compare to regular yiv.
- Melody of the Shield has had its range doubled to be in line with other similar songs
- Bard invis song should no longer overwrite your own invis making it a lot safer to use
- Fixed "Sense NPC Defense" showing up instead of its proper string
- Augment removal messages should be a bit less ominous

  20 Nov 2017 - taryth

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