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    Dec 12, 2009
    Not sure anyone cares but I have been updating some Vah items on wiki and noticed that two spells in game are called "Call to Battle"

    Spell ID: 1486
    Slot 2: Increase Current HP by 1 per tick
    Slot 3: Increase Max HP by 2
    Slot 12: Increase ATK by 30

    Spell ID: 2586
    Slot 2: Increase Current HP by 1 per tick
    Slot 12: Increase ATK by 30

    The only difference would be Slot 3.

    That Slot 3 HP makes the following buffs not stack:
    Marzin's Mark
    Symbol of Marzin
    Symbol of Naltron
    Symbol of Pinzarn
    Symbol of Ryltan
    Symbol of Transal

    So I got Symbol of Marzin on myself and could still cast the Call to Battle on myself using Standard of the Vah Rehn.

    This would indicate that the Spell ID: 2586 version is the one that is used on the item.

    Most likely Spell ID: 1486 is not used in game, so I will remove it from wiki.
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