Patch Notes November 20, 2017

Quite a few changes this go around:

- Client should hopefully respect spell and song filters correctly now. We'll look at other ones as time permits, but this should alleviate incessant bard song spam.
- CoI has another top-tier quest available for those who found themselves unable to gain further faction and still being short of the final badge. A new item was created to support this quest, you will want to keep an eye out for it
- Raptor has been fixed AGAIN to behave better in FoB. A bonus: if you finished his quest line, he should leave you alone if you bump into him later.
- Literally hundreds of speeling fizes
- The roar of a dragon has been known to scare away the nearby wildlife.
- The Bzztzz hive is a little less severe.
- Bzztzz Pheromone now has various effects on different bees.
- If you're stuck on a certain quest from Vaton, talk to him to learn about what you can do.
- Memories cannot be used while in combat.
- Tigan recongizes the difficulty of killing elite yiv compare to regular yiv.
- Melody of the Shield has had its range doubled to be in line with other similar songs
- Bard invis song should no longer overwrite your own invis making it a lot safer to use
- Fixed "Sense NPC Defense" showing up instead of its proper string
- Augment removal messages should be a bit less ominous

  Mon Nov 20, 2017 - taryth


On December 5th, we will be having an important patch. This patch will, most importantly, obsolete the trusty old Titanium client we have all grown to know and love. To continue playing with the intended SoD experience, you will need to grab the Everquest Free-to-Play download from Steam (or wherever you can get it). This installation has all the models and zones in all the places we will expect them to be in all future patches. That means if you do NOT get the Steam install, you are going to be seeing a lot of naked humans all over the world instead of bugs and dragons and wolves.

There is a great guide on the wiki for getting this done in the next few weeks:

That's December 5th! Patch day! Important! Read again if you missed any details!

  Thu Nov 16, 2017 - Slaariel

Patch Notes - November 10, 2017

We're going to try and get on a regular patch schedule - dates ending in "0" will be official patch days, unless something emergency comes up.

Pretty boring changes this week, at least for players:

- Vah have gone on a bit of a diet, and should be slightly smaller. This should hopefully alleviate some issues with hitboxes/getting stuck.

  Fri Nov 10, 2017 - taryth

Patch Notes October 30, 2017

- Clicky lifetaps no longer work through walls
- Halloween false life clickies should be targetable now. Note, however, that the effect can only land on a given target once every 10 minutes
- Some events had a weird issue that would cause infinite loops or other behaviors, these should be fixed. Note that, in particular, this may affect Mistborn, so just be aware it might be a little different
- Wolf sizes should be more sane now
- /surname will no longer work if you already have one set, restoring 2.0 default behavior
- All bows should have type 4 aug slots now


Forest of the Fallen is now LIVE! The zone is very large and has quite a bit to do in it. Expect some tweaks over the next few weeks. Two important things to note: do NOT attack people who are charmed as part of the events there, and do NOT
attack other people's mobs that are engaged without their permission! Both will be frowned upon by staff. >:-(

We are updating groups and raids to work better. We need your help to get rid of any bugs - you can do this by logging on to the test server (available at the login screen) and doing some group/raid events. Guilds will have an opportunity to
grab some loot from one encounter on test to carry over from live - please see the forums for details. Characters on test are those as of 10/25, and nothing you do there will impact the live environment at all.

  Mon Oct 30, 2017 - taryth

Patch Notes - October 18, 2017

- We believe we've found the cause of the aggro bug and fixed it. Please let us know if it persists.
- Clickies with class and/or race restrictions will now enforce those. Note that not all clickies are like this.
- Caverns of Darkness keys should now show up on the keyring.

  Wed Oct 18, 2017 - taryth

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