Patch Notes - December 17th, 2020

Tomorrow is the start of Season 1! Here's the patch notes:


• Arrow projectiles now appear in game for archery attacks.
• In-game /ooc is now forwarded to our #ooc Discord channel.
• Season 1 Leaderboard has been updated:

Full notes here:

  17 Dec 2020 - Jumbers

Season 1 Event Announcement

Shards of Dalaya is proud to present an entirely new way to play! Seasonal Events will allow players to progress together through content for a limited time, earning exclusive rewards that can be transferred to standard play! Spend the next three months shoulder-to-shoulder with your friends to earn your place on the leaderboard!

Read the full announcement:

  03 Dec 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - December 3rd, 2020

It's patch day!


- Enchanters now have a free AA called Tranquil Link at level 12 to extend charm while out of combat, to allow you to go AFK for short periods of time without ending up dead
- Low level rebalancing project nears completion
- /cm commands now output a warning to use the # format
- The #autofire command has been replaced with the client's built-in /autofire command

Full patch notes here:

  03 Dec 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - September 11th, 2020

Small bug fix patch:

- The command system is being replaced with to match the rest of the EQEmu community.
- Fixed a few spell timer and other buff-related bugs from last patch.

Read up on the full details on the forums:

  11 Sep 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

New patch is out!


- Charm Credits are now global world drops.
- Fomelo updated to include support for the new AAs from last patch.
- New potions added to the Alchemy tradeskill.
- Provenance AA added to all classes at level 1.
- Re-worked class buffs set to 10 minute duration.
- Boogeyman (level 60 adept) is now in game.
- The find functionality now works in major cities.

Read the full details on the forums:

In addition, a global 30% exp bonus will be active through September 7th.

  31 Aug 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

Main headlines:

- The tradeskill search window has been implemented for master tradeskillers!
- Buff re-balance continuation.
- Archaic Fragments have been simplified.
- All tomes have been converted to AAs.
- Low-level re-balance continued: Low level spells now scale with worn elemental damage.

Full details on the forums here:

  12 Aug 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - June 12th, 2020

In the interest of making patch notes easier to find and read, we'll be posting them on the forums from now on.

Main headlines:

Buff Rebalance - Part 1
Low Level Rebalance - Levels 1 to 5

Full details on the forums here:

  12 Jun 2020 - Jumbers

Server Q&A night

We will be doing a question night tomorrow, Saturday June 6th at 8:00PM EDT. We'll be taking questions about the lore of the world, long term plans, as well as general questions about the server as a whole. It will be both a fun and informative night!

You can submit your questions via the following form before and during the event: Google Form

After the night has concluded, we will be posting the full transcript on the forums.

EDIT: Click here for the full transcript

  05 Jun 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - May 26th, 2020

The Wind Hag's elementals no longer give experience.
Experience gained from the Undead Spouses has been cut in half to compensate for there being two adepts in the event.

Band of Prehistory now bears the tag.
Blackened Dagger proc chance reduced from 100% to 10%
Infant Ogre's Swaddling Cloth no longer triggers heals from pets when it procs.
Fixed a bug with tradeskills that says you have to learn the recipe first
Rewoven Wyvernhide Leggings no longer give an erroneous message when equipped.
Snakeskin Whip no longer uses Lesser Cripple as a placeholder proc; it now has a dedicated spell with a description. The whip's effect remains unchanged.
Spell AC will now correctly calculate for worn effects.
Spool of Wyverngut Thread's clicky consumes the pair of Wyvernhide Leggings as intended. Additionally, the clicky no longer casts an unintended buff on the user.
Summoned: Coldlight's original icon has been restored.
Tide Thresher proc chance further lowered to 3.6% base. Half rate for bards still remains. Damage / Delay adjusted.
Windworn Boka flat fire lowered by 25.

A rapidly growing seedling is no longer undead.
Ghulura, Queen of the Runnyeye can no longer be illegitimately aggroed by attacking her pet through a locked door.
Wetfang now displays as his intended model instead of a male Human.
The following classic wolf NPCs have had their size adjusted upward:
-a grey wolf
-a large wolf
-an attack dog

Apprentice Gehrin is more considerate when he decides to give you a gift.
Exterminator XXI's quest now has a name and a journal entry. It also yields more reasonable experience. Additionally, this NPC was previously bugged and failed to keep Metal Rat Tails handed to it; this has been fixed.
Dark Elves who abandon or postpone the Nagthilian Nostalgia quest will find themselves bound in Nagthilian A when they resume the quest.
Tizakka of the Order will now indicate to players which artifacts are still required to complete her quest.

Archaic: Tarhyl's Raging Curse has a revised spell description and no longer has a typo in its landing/fading messages.
Death's Gambit cooldown has been adjusted from 1.5 hours to 45 minutes.
Range 20 has been renamed Ensnare Swampglow and now has a spell description.
Relic: Lure of the Void and Void Shock now use a more generic icon instead of one that is ice-themed.
Soul Shear cooldown has been adjusted from 1 hour to 30 minutes. Functionality changed. 80% chance to consume 40% current health for 20% stamina. 20% chance to consume all your current health for 40% stamina.
Tainted Breath and several followups in the same spell line have received a minor update for consistency:
-Tainted Breath adds 3 poison counters instead of 5.
-Envenomed Breath adds 5 poison counters instead of 3.
-Envenomed Bolt adds 9 poison counters instead of 10.
-Bane of Althuna adds 11 poison counters instead of 10.

A previously unimplemented key to a locked storeroom in Runnyeye has been added to a certain NPC's loot table in that zone.
Fixed aug baths poofing items (maybe)
Reduced CPU usage in empty zones

  26 May 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - May 5th, 2020

Character deletion has been temporarily disabled. If you need a character deleted, please petition. Deletion will be re-enabled next patch.

Alnatch the Unclad runs faster than before.

Aged Runewood Bow is equippable in the Range slot rather than Primary.
Awendela's Prowess no longer procs on beneficial spells.
Both scrolls associated with Hierophant's Acolyte now bear that spell name instead of Hierophant's Breath.
Brienne's Paperwork and A Letter of Recommendation have been given appropriate book text.
Lash of Terror no longer lists BST as a class that can use it.
Mote of Anger is now lore.
Severence is now Severance.
To be consistent with the earlier quest item Temple Guard Crest, the three items Froglok Soldier Girdle, Froglok Cleric Ankh, and Froglok Summoning Sphere have been made stackable. As a tradeoff, the girdle is no longer equippable.
Totem of Leadership no longer has an invalid spell as its clicky effect; it now casts Tribal Leadership.

A desert orc champion and a corrupted desert orc champion have been renamed a desert orc bruiser and a corrupted desert orc bruiser. This was done because "a corrupted desert orc champion" exceeded the NPC nametag character limit.
A foothold in the Mansion of Portals now works for all races.
A Halfling Defender reverts to a Halfling rather than a tiny Human when swapping out of its tornado form.
A previously unimplemented named forest goblin has been given a spawnpoint in Heartland Plateau.
A slaughtered gruplok huntsman no longer randomly attacks its fellow undead frogs.
A sparring dummy is smarter about dropping aggro when a player leaves.
An excited child is no longer immersion-breakingly small.
Logan Faroot has been made a Paladin to match his quest's lore.
Og in Underhill is feeling much more ogrely than before.
The interdimensional keepers in the Mansion of Portals will no longer hold a grudge between visits to the Mansion.

After being broken for several years, the Grobb newbie quests Ingredients for Deet and Vengeance for Grumb are able to be completed.
Animals in the Badlands who are fed Harthuk Meat no longer return the meat after eating it.
Armed rebels that spawn during one of Girix's quests are no longer susceptible to Area Taunt.
Big Thimb the Brewer's quest in Lake of Ill Omen should now properly work for Rogue classes.
Dealing with the Snowbolds now gets marked as completed in the quest journal. Players who have previously finished the quest may hail Branral Iceforge to automatically move their journal entry from active to completed.
The Guilty Grandchild can now be completed once again in Zenn Malath.
King Nazilak no longer bugs out if the player chooses to threaten him during the Council of Innovation quest involving goblins.
Kisthik now accepts 10 turn-ins of Froglok Summoning Stones (i.e., 20 stones in total).
Knights of Retribution no longer give inaccurate emotes upon death during the quest The Strength of Entropy.
Helping Theron Ygnir now gives experience to Paladins.
Janitor Tomin no longer disappears indefinitely during the Magician version of The Newport Cup.
Leaking Undead and Trial of Althuna no longer share common flags. If a character of yours is stuck on either of these quests due to this bug, contact Dev-Grink to have your flags checked.
Players who complete the Blow Dart Gun portion of the Blackscale quest Infecting the Lizards but log out before returning the gun to Raider Shrissar are no longer stuck with an unfinishable quest. Simply hail Shrissar to receive a new gun.
Spleandor of the Overgrowth (the quest) has been renamed Splendor of the Overgrowth. (Those who completed the quest in the past will still have the old name listed in the journal.)
Two dialog bugs in the Meat Delivery quest between Jordi Gullivan and Chef De Cuisin Ghurgi have been fixed.
Warden Tarval will accept more than one Poacher's Signet Ring at a time.

Befriend has a more appropriate icon.
Call to Shojar and Call to Tarhansar have had their effects swapped to match their original behavior in the previous client; the former now calls snow while the latter calls rain rather than vice versa.
Endure Cold now follows the same spell formula as Endure Fire, Endure Magic, etc.
Flesh to Stone is now marked as beneficial rather than detrimental and should no longer interfere with Feign Death.
Fixed dozens of miscellaneous spell description errors.
Lesser Torpor now shows up in the right-click spellgem menu.
Powershock has a description.
Relic: Chant of Destruction has a more appropriate icon. (How many of you thought this was a cold spell all these years because the old icon was a snowflake?!)

Adjusted range of Lake of Ill Omen far clip plane to help reduce visual lag.
The healer in Zenn Malath now gives the intended discount to trueborn Dwarf characters who request their exp debt to be cleared.
All merchants in Pocket Plane have been labeled with their relevant supplies. Complimentary refreshments are also now available near the bank. Thanks for donating!
Runnyeye has received a visual refresh to correct some conflicts with recent Ikisith content. The changes are visual only and there has been no changes otherwise.

Character creation features more informative descriptions of races, classes, and statistics.
Dozens of previously lost strings (mostly descriptions for AAs and spells) have been restored.
In the interests of consistency, the following spelling reforms have been made in NPC names, item names, spell names, quest text, and so on:
-"draft" and "draught" -> "draft"
-"gaoler" and "jailer" -> "jailer"
-"leach" and "leech" -> "leech"
-"saber" and "sabre" -> "saber"
-"scepter" and "sceptre" -> "scepter"
-"specter" and "spectre" -> "specter"
Instances of "kaezulian" and "ikisith" in NPC names have been capitalized.
Instances of "pirahna" have been corrected to "piranha."
Wizard spells and scrolls referencing "O`Keils," "O'Keils," "O'keils," and "O'Kiels" now bear the first name of Hayden Aulder, the Newport WIZ guildmaster.

  05 May 2020 - Jumbers

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