Patch Notes - August 10th, 2021


Shadowknight and Paladin Discipline system reworks
Top end dungeon tweaks

Full notes here:

  10 Aug 2021 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - May 5th, 2021

Patch notes!


• Combat Ability and Discipline System implementation.
• A complete rework of the Rogue class - disciplines, trap system, and poison tradeskill.
• Warrior abilities converted to Disciplines.
• The new Physical Resist Type.
• Stamina and Health added to the rested recovery state.
• Enchanter class mechanic tweaks.
• Rework to strength and attack debuffs.

Full notes here:

  05 May 2021 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - March 4th, 2021

Tail-Season Patch notes!


• The Dream, overhaul and zone replacement.
• Tarhansar deity completion.
• Sunken Cathedral announcement, 6 man experience zone.
• Fast recovery state, an out of combat recovery enhancement.
• Weapon Squish, a high tier rebalance to weapons and raid bosses.
• An Enchanter class refactor.
• Fletching, a tradeskill overhaul.

Full notes here:

  04 Mar 2021 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - February 12th, 2021

Mid-Season Patch notes!


• Groupmate level-up notifications.
• Cesspits level limit has been removed.
• A fix for the "Invis Bug" has been rolled out.
• Level 61 to 65 spell vendors have been added to Erimal.
• The "Stop casting a spell" hotkey and /stopcast macro now properly works.
• Additional low level spell balance for Enchanters, Druids, Rangers, and Shadowknights.
• The tradeskill window is now available to crafters of any skill level for trivial combines.

Full notes here:

  12 Feb 2021 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - December 17th, 2020

Tomorrow is the start of Season 1! Here's the patch notes:


• Arrow projectiles now appear in game for archery attacks.
• In-game /ooc is now forwarded to our #ooc Discord channel.
• Season 1 Leaderboard has been updated:

Full notes here:

  17 Dec 2020 - Jumbers

Season 1 Event Announcement

Shards of Dalaya is proud to present an entirely new way to play! Seasonal Events will allow players to progress together through content for a limited time, earning exclusive rewards that can be transferred to standard play! Spend the next three months shoulder-to-shoulder with your friends to earn your place on the leaderboard!

Read the full announcement:

  03 Dec 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - December 3rd, 2020

It's patch day!


- Enchanters now have a free AA called Tranquil Link at level 12 to extend charm while out of combat, to allow you to go AFK for short periods of time without ending up dead
- Low level rebalancing project nears completion
- /cm commands now output a warning to use the # format
- The #autofire command has been replaced with the client's built-in /autofire command

Full patch notes here:

  03 Dec 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - September 11th, 2020

Small bug fix patch:

- The command system is being replaced with to match the rest of the EQEmu community.
- Fixed a few spell timer and other buff-related bugs from last patch.

Read up on the full details on the forums:

  11 Sep 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

New patch is out!


- Charm Credits are now global world drops.
- Fomelo updated to include support for the new AAs from last patch.
- New potions added to the Alchemy tradeskill.
- Provenance AA added to all classes at level 1.
- Re-worked class buffs set to 10 minute duration.
- Boogeyman (level 60 adept) is now in game.
- The find functionality now works in major cities.

Read the full details on the forums:

In addition, a global 30% exp bonus will be active through September 7th.

  31 Aug 2020 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

Main headlines:

- The tradeskill search window has been implemented for master tradeskillers!
- Buff re-balance continuation.
- Archaic Fragments have been simplified.
- All tomes have been converted to AAs.
- Low-level re-balance continued: Low level spells now scale with worn elemental damage.

Full details on the forums here:

  12 Aug 2020 - Jumbers

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