Patch Notes - December 11, 2019

Zone-specific: Lake of Ill Omen

Oracle Khazgan can now drop Crumbling TMaps and casts spells.
Crusader Xizug has 25% less mana with lower mana regen.
Robot Oil added to Robots.
Two Handed Elites have 1 less attack round.
Ambient Accumulator now increases duration for the Float/Breath/Invis commands.
Ambient Accumulator now summons worse to good food, in increasing quantities.
Fleshcrafter Cleaver now cleaves target specific meat in addition to giblets, this can be more than one type.
Forge Master now gives more arrowheads per plating, as well as bulk for High Quality Steel.
All tinkering drops were made rarer in preparation for future development.
Fenthwick has a few new items for sale.
Should be a new 1 person event/quest at patch or shortly after.

The keys are not a tinkering thing.
Forge Master accepts MOST items with in the name, exchanging them for yclistinite bits.


  • Woundbane has had its casting time lowered by 1 second
  • Jinx and Vex now have correct spell descriptions.
  • Added spell descriptions to another handful of spells.
  • The proc spell Progressive Rejuvenation now self-targets as intended.
  • Fixed situations where mage tome Elemental Absorbption and Dampening Curse weren't working.

Fixed the following AA CDs:
  • Turn Undead should now correctly have a base reuse of 1 hour
  • Lethal Strike should now correctly have a base reuse of 30 minutes
  • AE Taunt should now correctly have a base reuse of 10 minutes
  • Natural Balance should now correctly have base reuse values of 30/15/10/7.5 minutes per rank respectively

Pet buffs should now persist correctly across zones.

  • With the continued disturbance of the Silent Halls, more and more Razadians make their way to their new settlement in Emerald Jungle.
  • The dialog with the Dark Elf visitor in Zenn Malath now includes journal entries.

  • Brancu's Sack of Rocks is no longer listed as ALL/ALL. It is now restricted to the classes that can actually equip the rocks it summons.
  • Clicking mage mod rods should correctly share a cooldown.
  • The Clicky for The Yclistian Rod of Primacy shouldn't be grossly inflated in some situations.

  • The Plaguelands zones have green fog instead of clear skies
  • Killshot messages shouldn't show a "crushed" message.

  11 Dec 2019 - taryth

Patch Notes - November 18, 2019

Few minor updates, we'll have a larger patch soon once testing is completed.

- Nightfire and Revitalize have had their casting times reduced slightly
- Backend fixes to some "custom nuke" spells


Increased LOIO Fortress opus drop rate.
Administrator Korl now has a few visitors at court.

  18 Nov 2019 - taryth

Patch Notes - September 2, 2019

You can now have up to 17 buffs/debuffs on you at a time! Note that you may need to edit your UI files to properly show this. Note also you will lose your buffs when the patch goes in - the workaround for this was very complicated so you'll just have to rebuff. Sorry about that.


Lake of Ill Omen

  • Lake Anomalies have a 66% chance to drop one of the eight chest or legs combine armor piece

  • Inscriptions of Anger and Darkness are now quest flagged similar to other bounty augments
  • Inscriptions of Anger and Darkness have some resists and have 5-15 more mana/hp
  • The proc on Fleshcrafter's Cleaver should now work properly
  • Bangle of the Devout's bane should work properly now
  • Combine Supremacy will now target you and your pet
  • Self-spinning lure combine for tinkering now produces 60 instead of 1
  • Added a Hate and -FR PBAoE component to Windworn Boka proc
  • Tide Thresher has a new model, and is now slashing. Increase proc rate by 1% for all classes on the item

  • Thenn`ayr`duun has a visible corpse now. This corpse will also be at the ocean floor on death
  • Nemesis adds should despawn after 30 seconds of no combat
  • The Murk vendor associated with certain augs and quests should work more reliably now
  • Caynid Brightwater now offers free throwing items for use in the Hazel the Shrew adept fight
  • Worchag the Hunter's script has been revised. His quest involving Gristle now bears (ha!) a more distinctive name, and Worchag himself should no longer get stuck in an "unhailable" state during the quest

The following AAs have had their cooldowns reduced:
  • Turn Undead (base is now 1 hour)
  • Gather Mana (base is now 48 minutes)
  • Protection of the Lady (base is now 48 minutes)
  • Lethal Strike (base is now 30 minutes)
  • AE Taunt (base is now 10 minutes)
  • Natural Balance (base times per rank are now 30/15/10/7.5 minutes respectively)

Additionally, Extended Notes was not working properly (in that it was doing, well, nothing). That should now be fixed.

Combat Styles
  • Beastlord Mimic stance stamina cost has been significantly increased
  • Warrior "megataunt" stance endurance cost has been reduced by more than half (CD remains the same)

  • Soul Abrasion should now show damage correctly
  • It should be all but impossible to have the final dig wave in a tmap have all the same monster sets. While it can still happen, the odds should be extremely low

  02 Sep 2019 - taryth

Patch Notes - July 31st, 2019


Lake Of Ill Omen

  • Made 6 man rare drops less rare, the rarest now being 19%, from 10%
  • Mobs in 6 man room are now uniformly set to a 1 hour respawn.
  • Elite adds for 6 man have had their melee damage toned down.
  • Added a * version for the 6 man quest mob. It has its own 24 hour respawn.
  • The undead now drop desirable tomes.
  • Anchored Spirit has had its HP lowered.
  • The Yix have had their resists and melee damage toned down.
  • Fuser's AoE spell is now 1/5th the range, and less frequent with slightly reduced power.
  • Defender's no longer summon.
  • Due to player backlash concerning how common quest items are for certain quests, I have increased the rarity.
  • The blacksmith's buff cost has been increased by a factor of 10.
  • The Researcher will tell you how to make quivers if you hail him.
  • There is a rogue only quest that needs testing that no one has found.
  • Structural platings are now tradable.

  • Shadowed Rags now has its own spell which DoTs for 100, down from the original 140.

  • The Gruploks seem to be excited about some sort of breakthrough they had.

  • We made a significant change behind the scenes to how shared cooldowns work. While you shouldn't see any impact from this, please let us know if anything appears to be working incorrectly in this regard.

  31 Jul 2019 - taryth

Patch Notes - July 3rd, 2019

Happy almost birthday America! Big patch to celebrate!


  • Requiem of Hate, a zone that straddles the boundary between dreams and reality, is now available for daring adventurers, especially those who are freshly level 65. It employs balance mechanics not seen anywhere else in Dalaya, so don't expect to rely on your usual tricks to get through this content. Poke around in the Greenmist Jungle for more information.
  • Lake of Ill Omen - Phase 1 Release. Continues a branch of the War of Ikisith plot.

  • Black Sash of Swiftness is now expable and has stats.
  • A small amount of WIS has been added to Seaweed Wraps.

  • The dryad Kerlina no longer drops Selyra's head.
  • The wee waterling's bonus question that triggers Trill of the Waterling was unintentionally broken for several months; it has been re-enabled.
  • Zenn Malath has an unbinder for dealing with items.
  • The following mobs should show up as their correct model instead of a human:

  • -a deepwater acolyte (Storm Sea)
    -a deepwater guardian (Storm Sea)
    -a fold (Mansion of Portals)
    -Caynid's cache (Athica A)
    -Haunted Seachest (Wyvernfang Coast)

  • Fixed a bug in the "Krukin's Cuisine" quest that prevented players from taking the lawful dialog path.
  • Fixed a quest-breaking bug in the "a missing child" quest that prevented An Enraged Priest from properly flagging players who had killed him.

  • Hibernate now has a 30 second cooldown.
  • Befriend's spell description has been corrected.
  • Frigid Waters is now classed as a cold spell rather than fire.
  • Honeyed Fabric is no longer unresistable.
  • The level 44 spell Translocate: Zenn Malath now exists for Wizards. Earning the spell scroll requires nothing more than persistence and a "stroke of good luck"...
  • Procs on the following adept items are now proper spells with appropriate names and descriptions:

  • -Blade of Mimickry (Effect: Identity Theft)
    -Flareburst (Effect: Trailblazer)
    -Surging Hammer (Effect: Healing Surge)
    -The Underdog (Effect: Leverage)
  • The following clicky and proc effects have been given spell descriptions:

  • -Affinity
    -Chaotic Energy
    -Conjuration of Gravy
    -Consumerist Coyote
    -Convoke Victim
    -Earth Barrage
    -Enthann's Guard
    -Fae Dust
    -Frigid Waters
    -Frozen Aura
    -Heavenly Wrath
    -Illusion: Hrugtah
    -Leader of the Pack
    -Mana Whisper
    -Melodic Blades
    -Patriarch's Wrath
    -Poisoned Dart
    -Puncturing Stomp
    -Rune of Absorption
    -Shared Memories
    -Speed of the Wind
    -Star Dust
    -Vorpal Strike

  • Reduced Improved Harm Touch CD to 51 minutes (15 minutes final with AA)
  • Reduced Leech Touch CD to 51 minutes (15 minutes final with AA)
  • Reduced Lay on Hands CD to 51 minutes (15 minutes final with AA)
  • Reduced Protection of the Lady CD to 50 minutes

  • A foothold in the Mansion of Portals pool allows shorties and unskilled swimmers to exit the water with ease rather than be stuck indefinitely.
  • Two types of ore may be mined from the cave in Zenn Malath.
  • Pets may aggro the sparring dummies in Zenn Malath.
  • The Zenn Malath portal within the MoP has been marked on the map and now uses the same particles as the other portals.
  • The doors in Cyrtho Malath no longer lock out for a period of time. RIP griefing.
  • A bug with Runes, particularly at low levels, was fixed.
  • It turns out Fervent Blessing was doing literally nothing. That should be fixed now

  03 Jul 2019 - taryth

Patch Notes - February 19, 2019

Small patch today.

- Leashed wildcats damage and spawn rate should be more manageable.
- Mass Resurrection is now free on Sihala's holiday like the other rez spells

  19 Feb 2019 - taryth

Patch Notes - January 25, 2019

- A new presence has been sensed in Dalaya: As Zeshan's corpse crumbles to the ground, a barrier lifts. The presence of Zeshan continues to guard the area. The calls of lost Razad are heard for the first time in a distant jungle.
- Tremors have been felt near the Obsidian Shard Mountains as of late, but as yet no one has been able to determine the source

- Faentharc succor location updated to not be the same as the port in.
- Various Razad quest npcs minor quest bugs fixed.
- Fixed a bug in Contacting the Kromtor where you could get stuck if you didn't have high enough faction.
- Fixed a bug where Vaixv the Harvester didn't behave properly.
- Pickpocketing shouldn't cause client to bug out.
- Variety of Blood Ritual bugs have been fixed.
- Players who bug out during the loading process and end up in a "GM box" in the following zones will find a helpful NPC nearby who can get them unstuck without the need to petition, gate, suicide, etc.:
-- Crystal Caverns
-- Dragonhorn Keep
-- Dreadfang Spire
-- Erudin
-- Erudin Palace
-- Sundered Mountains
-- Thurgadin B
-- The Valley of Erimal
-- Warpstone Caverns
-- The Warrens

- Explosive Spores and Shrieking Matter have had their aug slots removed.
- Flailing Legpants no longer trigger boot procs. As a compromise, the kick damage has been increased by a factor of 10.
- Gorilla Milk is no longer expable.
- Some Silent Scrolls have been tweaked/fixed/updated. Should be fully functional.
- Fixed stacking issue with Combine Supremacy.

- Forest of the Fallen: Yiv Chieftains can now be rust coded.
- A venomous slime is no longer KoS to other slimes in Runnyeye.
- The Erudin Palace merchant Nalia, not to be confused with Nalia the Psychic, was removed from the game. Her item list was empty and she served no function in the Enchanter guildhall.
- Flitterwing is lower to the ground and has less spastic animations.
- Harahon, the Rotten One no longer punishes players for pet deaths.
- Various undersized Troll guards and similar NPCs across Dalaya have been embiggened to the proper size.
- Soothing petals and other flower mobs in The Overgrowth have returned to their intended blue color.

- The wee waterling familiar received a minor overhaul. It no longer draws aggro, nor does it suffer from Z-axis stuttering. Only its master can trigger its bonus song.

- Combine Supremacy should have fewer unintended stacking issues. In particular, it no longer interferes with the Magician's water elemental form nor with Warhol's Elemental Ward.
- Corpse Breath has a mana cost of 45 instead of 0. Its casting skill was changed from Abjuration to Alteration to mirror its sister spell, Breath of the Dead.
- Descriptions for Entrapping Roots, Entwining Roots, and Relic: Sihala’s Empathy indicate the correct damage or healing dealt by the spell.
- Zenn Malath port spells come up under Transport: Misc instead of Transport: The Planes in the spellbar's right-click menu.
- Robes of Blood Thirst no longer 100% proc. To help compensate, it procs a bigger lifetap.
- Lich-style spells for necs will now scale in duration better with level.

- Combine Supremacy quest duration reduced. There will be a part 2 to the quest (hasn't been implemented, but will follow up with the same quest npc) yet to increase the duration. Feel free to complain to Dev-Rymy for making this part of the quest too easy.

  25 Jan 2019 - taryth

Patch Notes - January 1, 2019


- It should no longer be unreasonable under some circumstances to complete the spider and cockatrice parts of Gertund's Favor. There was a strange zone-wide lockout under some conditions that could effectively completely eliminate drops - this has been removed, which should make these less painful

- Health of Target's Target HP updates should work a lot better now

- The third druid tome is implemented! Called Natural Balance, it evens out the HP of all group members and does a small heal once that's done. To use the AA (which costs 1 point per rank), you must complete the requisite druid tome. Increases in tomes increase the heal, as well as decreasing the cooldown of the AA

- Bard movement songs should no longer cause stutter stepping every tick

- Zenn Malath now has a faction.

- Stuck Spear is no longer usable by Monks, who have no piercing skill in the first place. Instead, Paladins are now able to wield the spear.

  01 Jan 2019 - taryth

Patch Notes - December 29, 2018

As we wrap up the year, we thought we'd offer up a new feature: Health of Target's Target (HoTT). The best way to think about this (since it's a healer-only ability) is that you can monitor not only who your healing, but what they are attacking along with its real time health percentage. This should make it a lot easier to manage healing and mechanics associated with more complex fights.

To use this, you will need to do two things:

1. Enable the ability in Leadership AAs. This can be brought up using "L" - create a hotbutton to turn on Group and Raid HoTT. Once you have 3 or more people in the group, this will enable a small HoTT window. Note that all classes can bring up the window, but only healers with the AA will get anything sent to it!

2. Purchase the Class AA (Clerics, Druids and Shamans) for 10 AAs. Now, with your HoTT window open, you should see what your target has as their target! It should change in real time as their target changes, eliminating the need to re-target them, etc.

Aside from this, quite a few other changes:

Mobs / Encounters:
- Hakopta, Queen of Chaos should no longer bug out.
- Two new Tier 13s have been added to Dalaya. The first, a six man in Eastern Badlands, and the second, an eighteen man in Sea of Swords.
-An ikisith shark (Forest of the Fallen) should no longer summon.

Race Changes:
- Froglok racial bonus for melee crit rate racial has been corrected.

Alternate Advancement:
- Healer AA: Health of Target's Target (see above) is now available!
- Magician AA: Elemental Mastery will now allow mage pets to crit spells.

- The Circle of Soothing spell scroll now has a sale price with merchants.
- The spell scrolls for Alter Plane: Water and Alter Plane: Fire have had their sale prices adjusted to match the rest of the planar port spells.

- Stinking Shoes and Foul Gruplok Broth had their "stink" mechanic removed as it was causing problems. We may tweak the items up a bit to compensate at some point.

- Bloodlust will no longer heal based on non-melee (like damage shield) damage taken as this was never meant to be the case
- Bashes will no longer crit
- Paladin heals will now share a cooldown (see last patch; the amount of healing was increased and cooldown decreased to compensate)
- Filters will actually work and persist across zoning now. Hallelujah!

  29 Dec 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - December 16, 2018 (and a special treat)

We have a Shards first!

Our own Grinkles has created a zone 100% from scratch - Zenn Malath. He created the terrain. He textured it. He set up all the content within. It's a truly unique experience, and make sure to congratulate him when you see him! It's a starter zone, designed for players up to level 15.

As part of this, we are introducing a new class / race combination: frog monks! Make sure to swing by Zenn Malath and see what the disciples of Malath have in store for training. You can find more information at

Aside from this, quite a few other patch notes:

- Inge the Voracious now has a loot table that didn't show up before.
- Fixed a crash where if you died with a dot on you the zone would crash.
- Weather effects will display better now.

We are tinkering with Knights a bit to address some of the issues they face, particularly at higher levels. This is an ongoing process, and while we take on suggestions and such, keep in mind not all of those will make it live. For now however, we are doing the following:

Bash: Increase bash damage for Paladins/Shadow knights. Damage scales off of levels and shield AC. If using a 2hander and bashing, shoulder AC is used instead.

Added a new level 65 paladin spell: Searing Light.

- The beach bum adept has been overhauled to be more player-friendly. When the fight phase is over, players and pets automatically stop attacking him. Players who die mid-fight will be eligible to claim the quest item from him. Any lingering debuffs/items from the fight are automatically removed. Most importantly, he no longer causes zone crashes.
- The Earth Terror is slightly smaller to prevent him from occasionally lodging in the ceiling.

- The "egg sack" event in Abyss should be a bit less insane now - add damage and hitpoints were tuned down a bit, particularly on harder waves. The fundamentals of the event remain the same.

- The Healing Waters spell cast by Celestial Well pets no longer causes players to do the "player takes damage" animation. (thank you to whoever did this by the way!)
- The duration of Divine Rage has been doubled

  16 Dec 2018 - taryth

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