Patch Notes - November 24, 2018

- Several clickies (primarily gate necks) have had their icons diversified to minimize confusion during inventory management.
- The spell scrolls for Alter Plane: Fire and Alter Plane: Mercy are no longer lore. Also, the latter scroll now has the correct race listing.
- The Strand of Creation's 100% proc rate no longer results in the player constantly doing casting animations each hit; they should now do archery animations instead.
- Bundles and quivers of arrows should now summon stacks of 60 instead of 20. The recipes and such remain the same, it's just an increase in size. A few other clicky range summons will also summon stacks of 60 now as well
- Skeletal Link and Screamblade had their proc rates lowered a bit

- A named shade wraith in Deepshade has had its script fixed to allow the mob to spawn properly for the first time. (This happened some time ago but never made it to the patch notes.)
- An Emissary of Shojar has had her aggro radius reduced to avoid her interfering with the level 32 Dher`quc fight in The Oasis.
- Oggok Watchmen and several other NPCs that use the "Oggok Citizen" model are now appropriately large.
- Traekoth, Jr now appears as a ghost dragon instead of a prismatic dragon.

- The FRG WAR guild questline is available for the first time in Sadri Malath; a minor script error had left the guildmaster’s dialog broken for the last 5+ years.
- Lead Artificier Marynni of Lake Starfall no longer misgenders artificiers when speaking about them; also, her brief alignment dialog has been revised for clarity.

- BRD: Angstlich's Appalling Screen has more appropriate spell particles.
- ENC: Nejax's Unmaking Curse uses the same spell particles as the other Nejax curses instead of having no particles at all.
- WIZ: Blades buffs now have thematically appropriate spell particles instead of sharing the same "bones floating upward" particles.
- Corrupt Spell: Mielech's Fury had mana regen increased, which should overwrite lich correctly

- You will no longer be able to activate most spell-like AAs (like Spellsurge) while feigned, charmed, etc. If you are sitting, you will automatically stand and activate the AA

The following zones should have nearly all summoning removed for mobs below 65, except for raid encounters:
Badlands N/W/S
Bloodied Quarry
Crystal Caverns
Dragon Necropolis
East Wastes
Emerald Jungle
Field of Bone
Fire Grotto
Forest of the Fallen
Freport N/E/W
Gorge of the One-Eye
Great Divide
Great Divide
Haegra Malath A/B
Halls of Misery
Heartland Plateau
Hidden Temple of Yaralith
Kaladim A/B
King's Pass
Lair of the Paw
Mielech A/B/C
North Wastes
Obsidian Shard Mountains
Plaguelands E/W
Plane of Earth
Prophets (city mobs still summon)
Redsun Mines
Redsun Peaks
Remnants of Ikild
Ruins of the First City
Shrouded Island
Siren's Grotto
Sorcerer's Labyrinth
Sorcerer's Labyrinth
South Wastes
Storm's Sea
Sundered Mountains
Tears of Elael
The Runnyeye Citadel
West Wastes
Whisperling Forest

  24 Nov 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - November 6, 2018

We spent some time looking at necros and mages, particularly how they scale at 65+, and found they were lacking in some areas. To help address that, the following changes were made:

Wind barrage is now a magic resist check, not poison. (bug)
Elemental Barrage:
Cast time: 5.5 -> 3.5.
Recast: 7 -> 0.
Mana: 510 -> 425.
An extra barrage (water/fire/wind/earth) is casted on your target depending depending on what elemental form you have.
Relic Bladewind:
Cast time 5.5 to 3 seconds.
All mage pet heals
Recast: 20 -> 12 seconds.
Til's Elemental Recomposition
Heal: 1215 -> 3000
Transon's Elemental Renewal
Heal: 900 -> 2000
Transon's Elemental Infusion
Heal: 580 -> 1300

Archaic: Claws of the Chill
3.75 seconds -> 3.2 seconds
Added 200 direct damage on impact.
Damage/tick: 765 -> 795.
Runic: Grip of Kaezul
Cast time: 5.5 -> 5 seconds.
Mana: 1020 -> 920.
Relic: Spirit of Kaezul, Relic: Hand of Kaezul
Cast time: 5.5 -> 5 seconds.
Damage/tick 380 -> 420.
Mana: 520 -> 470.
Spell: Scitterpox
6.5 seconds -> 4.5 seconds
Damage/tick 350 -> 385
Mana cost reduced 525 -> 325
Spell: Relic: Marlow's Cremation
5.5 seconds -> 4 seconds
Damage/tick 460 -> 520
Spell: Funeral Pyre of Malath
5 5 seconds -> 5 seconds

The following zones have had nearly all (except special named) summoning capabilities removed for mobs that aren't permarooted and under level 65 (more to come next patch). Please report anything weird!
Prophets (city mobs still summon)
Remnants of Ikild
Emerald Jungle
Plane of Earth
West Wastes
East Wastes
Great Divide
Sorcerer's Labyrinth
Mielech A/B/C
Haegra Malath A
Haegra Malath B
Bloodied Quarry
Forest of the Fallen
Tears of Elael
Freport N/E/W
Plaguelands E/W
Redsun Peaks
Field of Bone
Gorge of the One-Eye
King's Pass
Badlands N/W/S

  06 Nov 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - October 19, 2018

In case you missed it, the annual Halloween quest is now LIVE. We also have these goodies:

-Fixed a bug where making a vendor transaction with over 1,000,000 copper pieces would remove all copper from your inventory.
Shadow Knight's Servant Training Tome wasn't healing appropriately when in a group/raid.

-The drop rate on the RNG Starfall quest item Griffon Eye has been upped to a reasonable amount. (They were previously set to under 2% drop rate.)
-Logistian's Supply Pack has had its misspelled named corrected to Logistician's Supply Pack.

-All instances of "Yshtar" in items and book text have been changed to "Ysthar" for consistency.

-The AI of Slimes in Runnyeye has been corrected so they no longer attack other NPCs in the zone.
-Curator Mashira in Newport Sewers now sells Cleric spells for levels 29-49 instead of serving as a redundant spell merchant for levels 1-19.
-Gristle’s respawn time has been corrected from 30 seconds to the intended 2 hours.
-NPCs with the misspelled words "artisian" and "logistian" in their names have been corrected to "artisan" and "logistician."
-Rockling adds that spawn after killing certain Blood Quarry NPCs no longer summon.
-The Wind Hag is capable of melee once again.

-Buffs should no longer expire in town.
-The following buffs from the Quickness spell line have had their duration increased to better fit with the rest of the spell line: Celerity, Swift like the Wind, Adrecia's Quickening.

-Silent Halls are finally open.
-The fog in Rivervale is once again gray instead of bright indigo.
-The Arena no longer has fog.
-Western Wastes now has an Athica Wizard to attend the MoP portal there.

  19 Oct 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - October 3, 2018

- The Ward Come Alive: Mobs spawned in this event shouldn't be attacked by npcs in zone.
- Various boss mobs that repopped midfight when night time occurred shouldn't anymore.
- Bunch of items added a 65 recommended level for ~T7 raid loot and up that didn't have a recommended level.
- Something new with treasure hunting.

  03 Oct 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - Sept 1, 2018

Evac spots have been updated in Gorge of the One-Eye and Steamfont to not put you under the world.
Misc broken textures fixed.
Fixed some random buffs where the duration wouldn't display correctly.
Totem of the Vicar proc has been fixed (last patch).

  01 Sep 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - August 8, 2018

- While in Juggernaut's rage, aggro generation is greatly decreased.
- Gravedigger Gumdor's quest has been re-factored to fix some zone crashes. Also killing malicious spirits should give exp now.
- Bloodstorm quest drop rates greatly increased to compensate for increased trash repop rate.
- Wizard Quick Gate is working again
- Bind Wounds should no longer go off when pickpocketing

  08 Aug 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - July 29, 2018

Update: we still have a couple things to do before we can let the new zone run free, stay tuned, we'll get that done ASAP.

- Muddy runeblade proc has been fixed
- Fixed a bug where taunt could occur to mobs out of line of sight
- Iskkath the Mindful and Misstress Saitha should be super fixed now and hopefully not bug out
- Fixed several buffbot npcs that would cast a buff but only on themselves
- Silent Halls (will soon be) open. Apologies for some last minute updates that need to happen first
- Bloodstorm trash has been increased to be an 8 hour repop to be consistent with other 12-man content
- Familiars and healing wells should work properly again
- A proc bug that could cause crashes has (hopefully) been identified and fixed. If you had issues with Screamblade/Hooptyhork, see if those issues are now resolved
- Group members should no longer poof when going LD, and groups should not suddenly dissolve when there are only 2 people left
- We will be lowering respawn times on some of the older adepts that are still really slow so they are more in line with newer ones. Please be patient while we identify them and get them updated

  29 Jul 2018 - taryth

Video Promotion Contest winner!

This is a great video to give people a tease of what Shards of Dalaya is like:

You can view the other videos that were submitted too:

  20 Jul 2018 - rymy

Patch Notes - July 16, 2018

Divine aura will fade now when going LD or /qing out
Changed 3rd tome of juggernaut's rage to increased flurry chance
Strands of Life and Tears of the Crusader both have range limits of 200
Euphorbium mastery will now correctly function in raid groups
Pet whirlwinds will now only proc on the first strike (potentially) and up to the first 3 targets
Rogue openings should be under the Disciplines filter now
Bandoliers shouldn't crash a player now
Divine Radiance will use the paladin's primary weapon to flurry now.

  18 Jul 2018 - rymy

Server Maintenance Completed

Server hardware upgrade is now complete. Thanks for your patience.

  16 Jul 2018 - taryth

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