Patch Notes March 11, 2018

- Spells: Form of the Riverkeeper should now work properly
- AA: To compensate for Spellsurge not being able to crit, damage has been increased
- Items: Faction-bound items will now correctly be destroyed if sufficient faction is lost
- Skills: Pickpocketing will no longer lock up the client
- Adepts: A new engage level 35 adept may be found in the Warrens.
- Adepts: A new engage level 36 adept may be found in Greenmist Jungle.

  11 Mar 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - March 1, 2018

- Suspended pets: Pets should save gear now. For reals.
- Suspended pets: If you have a suspended pet, its inventory should show up in /cm petinv.
- Bestow Divine Aura should work correctly again.
- Weapons: Weapons that spawn pet-like creatures should now have those creatures depop more reliably.

Also, we re-evaluated many high raid tier clickies. We do not want raid drops to contain so many powerful effects integral to doing maximum damage, so much so that the items will never be replaced unless a more powerful clicky is offered in that spot. To that end, the following changes have been made:
- Corona now has a 2 hour recast that is shared with Heavenstorm.
- A Burning Chunk how has a 6 second cast time.
- Darkened Galaxy Bone now has a 3 second cast time.
- Torrent of the Blizzard now has a 30 minute recast that is shared with Heavenstorm.

As compensation to the above change the following changes have been made:

- Icerend damage has been increased to 1000.
- Glacial Strike damage has been increased to 1850.
- Relic: Scourge of Life instant damage has been increase to 375 and DoT dmg to 650, the resist adjust has been changed to -45.
- Plaguewind instant damage has been increased to 150 and DoT dmg to 315.
- Form of the Riverkeeper proc rate for Maul has been increased to 20 from 15.
- The following classes have received a new AA called Spellsurge, which is an AA that instant casts damage that increases in power as your max mana increases: NEC, WIZ, MAG, DRU.

  01 Mar 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - February 20, 2017

- Monks: group spells and clickies should work on FDed monks again. Only procs should miss.

- Spells: Nejax's Striking Curse and Nejax's Rending Curse had their cooldowns lowered to 15 minutes.

- Items: Staff of Stolen Magic received some bug fixes.

- Adepts: 4 new adepts including Hakopta, Queen of Chaos, added in the max engage 25-32 range.

- Opii: Made the following adjustments:

* Added: Mielech c basement group 1.5 in terms of drop rate

* Adjusted: Deepshade some mobs in groups ~2/3 in terms of drop rate

* Added: Highkeep basement group 3

* Adjusted: Windstone to group 3.5

* In general: Mobs with much lower hp in higher groups have been reduced to lower % drops

  20 Feb 2018 - taryth

Patch Notes - February 13, 2017

Big changes for this patch. Some of them are too big to fit here, links are provided for further information.

- Opuses (Opii?): these will no longer drop from raid mobs, but instead from harder exp-able mobs. Please see here for further information on this.

- AA: Our first new AA in a long time! Pet classes have a new AA available, "Suspend Minion." Along with its companion recall AA, it allows you to stash your pet safely away while you're, for example, trying new content and don't want to risk losing weapons and gear. See here for further information on this.

- Loot: Blade of the Prime Animation is now NO RENT. Note that this DOES NOT affect existing swords, only new ones that drop. The new swords function identically to the permanent ones.

- Animation of Sil`rel`din: Speaking of that guy, a few grammar fixes were made. If you have triggers, they may or may not need to be changed.

- Beastlords: Pets will no longer mimic chest or wrist procs. This is in lieu of a proposed change which would have set cooldowns on mimics; this seems like a better route.

- Adepts: 6 new adepts can be found in the world for players levels 12-21.

- Camping: a newer, faster camping method has been implemented. You will no longer get a disconnect screen, and camping is several seconds faster, particularly when camping to desktop.

- Roleplaying: The "RP" flag is dead. Long live RP flag. Existing flags have been removed and no new ones will be forthcoming.

- Feign Death: Beneficial procs from players will not hit feigned death people and cause unexpected agro. Normal group spells, and detrimental spells, will still behave as they currently do.

- Models: Classic skeletons no longer have bugged textures.

- Models: Pandas in Sundered Mountains no longer have bugged textures.

- Models: The following mobs in Sorcerer’s Labyrinth no longer appear as human: a prototype, a rogue watcher, Eerizar

- Items: The following items no longer weigh 0.0: Addy’s Emerald Eyes, Armored Pinchclaws, Batty’s Black Leggings, Bloodied Sivakian Scale, Liodreth Brain, Treasured Bangle, Vial of Diseased Filth

- Items: “A Slice Birthday Cake” is now “A Slice of Birthday Cake”

- Mobs: Overgrowth deep mobs should give a more reasonable amount of experience given their very large health pool.

  13 Feb 2018 - taryth

Patch notes - 2017-12-31

Last patch of the year!

I've added 2 big features that have been long requested even back in 2.0 but never really worked correctly in that client and subsequently weren't implemented.

Rez dialogs!

When a rez is cast on your corpse, you will receive a popup window with information as to who is rezzing you and what percentage of your exp debt it will restore.

Translocation confirmations!

Similar to rezzes, you'll get a popup with the person casting the spell and where the port will send you to. Since there's now a confirmation, you no longer need to be grouped to cast Translocate spells. Hooray! There is however a time limit of 30 seconds to accept a translocate, unless you're in a zone that you're able to bind, in which case there is no time limit.

Taryth also added another neat feature:


  • You can bring up the Bandolier window by pressing B and setup weapon profiles which can then be hot swapped either from the window itself or by creating a hot button.

In other news:

  • Thaz wing flags will now show up on your keyring.

  • 4.3 loot adjustments are in

    • Spell AC has been removed from the robe and replaced with 150 normal AC
    • Enchanter has been removed from Bane of the Fallen God. They now have their own replacement weapon
    • Bard sword is no longer 100% chance to double attack, but instead provides a boost to your base double attack skill
  • Nylastra'Zara shouldn't bug out anymore.

Upper Thaz is now live!!!

  31 Dec 2017 - Jumbers

Patch Notes - December 10, 2017

- Group and raid improvements are finally here! The changes are too numerous to update, so we created a forum post with full details on them along with how to use a couple cool new features. You can find it at
- Hate list functions have been changed internally in preparation for pet improvements. Please report any weirdness with respect to hate, as everything is expected to continue to function as before
- Identify should work again
- Players can now use /cm viewpetition and /cm deletepetition to manage their own petitions
- Celestial well can only be cast on players, which eliminates crashing caused by targeting pets
- Removed OP_Loot comments from corpse looting messages since they mean literally nothing to players
- Cabin Boy Shin now has another option for getting in to see the Captain in Hates Fury B if you were upset by the previously...violent...method. Consider talking to him about it.
- Changed some spawn timers a bit. We'll let you figure out which ones
- Completed rollout of Steam-based textures. If you are still on the old Titanium install, you are doing it wrong and probably see all kinds of humans and such
- Added a feature to the patcher that auto-archives logs once they reach a certain size. When enabled, files exceeding that size will be backed up (but not compressed) and a new log started as you click Run Game. This helps performance, since Windows becomes bad at appending files once they exceed about 100MB.
- Wizards taking the Life Burn AA should no longer have it replaced with Allegiant Familiar after it is taken
- Celestial Renewal rank 1 no longer grants access to a free spell - it enhances Celestal Regen like it is supposed to
- Lower Thaz fire boss trash should have proper body types now

  10 Dec 2017 - taryth

Patch Notes - November 30, 2017

- Elael Honor Guard Captain is back in business
- Skoal the Malignant is back in business
- Iskkath the Mindful should be fixed for realsies
- Forest of the Fallen rabbits no longer summon
- Training with Bonmig shield level up quest should be fixed (along with other secondary expable items that had issues)
- Pet damage messages should no longer be doubled
- Unbound shadow in Spires should take damage correctly now
- Conglomeration should no longer break the event if one of the splits is killed
- Hunderds moar speeling fizes to quests

  30 Nov 2017 - taryth

Patch Notes November 20, 2017

Quite a few changes this go around:

- Client should hopefully respect spell and song filters correctly now. We'll look at other ones as time permits, but this should alleviate incessant bard song spam.
- CoI has another top-tier quest available for those who found themselves unable to gain further faction and still being short of the final badge. A new item was created to support this quest, you will want to keep an eye out for it
- Raptor has been fixed AGAIN to behave better in FoB. A bonus: if you finished his quest line, he should leave you alone if you bump into him later.
- Literally hundreds of speeling fizes
- The roar of a dragon has been known to scare away the nearby wildlife.
- The Bzztzz hive is a little less severe.
- Bzztzz Pheromone now has various effects on different bees.
- If you're stuck on a certain quest from Vaton, talk to him to learn about what you can do.
- Memories cannot be used while in combat.
- Tigan recongizes the difficulty of killing elite yiv compare to regular yiv.
- Melody of the Shield has had its range doubled to be in line with other similar songs
- Bard invis song should no longer overwrite your own invis making it a lot safer to use
- Fixed "Sense NPC Defense" showing up instead of its proper string
- Augment removal messages should be a bit less ominous

  20 Nov 2017 - taryth


On December 5th, we will be having an important patch. This patch will, most importantly, obsolete the trusty old Titanium client we have all grown to know and love. To continue playing with the intended SoD experience, you will need to grab the Everquest Free-to-Play download from Steam (or wherever you can get it). This installation has all the models and zones in all the places we will expect them to be in all future patches. That means if you do NOT get the Steam install, you are going to be seeing a lot of naked humans all over the world instead of bugs and dragons and wolves.

There is a great guide on the wiki for getting this done in the next few weeks:

That's December 5th! Patch day! Important! Read again if you missed any details!

  16 Nov 2017 - Slaariel

Patch Notes - November 10, 2017

We're going to try and get on a regular patch schedule - dates ending in "0" will be official patch days, unless something emergency comes up.

Pretty boring changes this week, at least for players:

- Vah have gone on a bit of a diet, and should be slightly smaller. This should hopefully alleviate some issues with hitboxes/getting stuck.

  10 Nov 2017 - taryth

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