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    Only been a day but some rather large changes from last version. I might have taken this even farther but I was hitting hard coded limitations of the client. client has this stupid habit of saying certain items can only be placed in certain windows and if you don't lie to the client it will break if you try to remove certain items from certain windows.

    Here is a screenshot of version 3.0 TestUI3.png
    changes include
    1.player window now includes current and max values for hp,mp,and stamina which have been removed from the inventory window as they are now redundant there.
    2.player window is slightly smaller due to smaller skill button.
    3.money has been moved inside the equipment ring in the inventory saving around 24 pixels vertically.
    4.skill window no longer has rank column as it was mostly useless info reducing the windows size a good amount.
    5.AA window no longer has the useless category column and sort options related to things SOD doesn't worry about.
    4. AA window no longer has AA% info that is covered by player window.
    5.AA window is around 2/3 of it's original width.

    Evolution and Shrouds are still in the inventory because alt currency is hard coded to only work as the 4th tab and I haven't thought of anything to replace them with the client will let me get away with. Lack of scrolling in AA windows description of AAs is not due to my mod as far as I can tell. tests seem to indicate that maybe there is some sort of character limit or the entries were incomplete wherever they are stored. The effects the default ui as well.

    Side Note:Noticed a few files that even if I tried to include them in my ui mod the client would just ignore. These include the Bank window and a text file that looks like it should modify the SOD button menu. maybe there is some server side overriding going on? or something hard coded preventing it.

    Unless I come across a real juicy optimization or find I can indeed edit the previously mentioned files to actually do something this may be the final version. just not that many things left to be done that the client will accept. If it is requested I can reduce the AA window further by reducing the height of the AA list I just left it the original height to reduce scrolling.

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