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    With the rate that new content is being pumped out and old content is being fixed, there's a lot going on in the game right now that older players or potential new players could find out about. The population has been steadily rising even on off-nights, and new players are trickling in. With an upcoming account drive and video contest, I couldn't think of a better time to start doing this than now.

    With all this being said, I've started to stream Shards on weeknights from around 6:30PM EST until whenever things die down, typically around 10-11PM EST. There will be a lot of focus on end-game raiding as that's where most of my play time currently lies, but I will be featuring content such as the new low level adept guild, and some of my own custom content taken place on a private server that I host myself.

    I'm not doing this for my personal benefit, and there is no monetary incentive in it for me unless the channel somehow blows up and people would like to donate. This is entirely for the benefit of the game and trying to get the population back up and engaged. I'd encourage everyone to share the link with whomever, and get the channel engaged -OR- start your own channel!

    I figured I'd share some analytics that go along with the channel after just 2 days of streaming. You can see that almost 64 views came from people simply browsing the Everquest tag on Twitch, and led them to the channel. I've answered about 6-7 people's questions that had no idea what the game was in one day. It was pretty surprising to me how much attention can be gained just by showing the gameplay.


    I am entirely new to streaming, so please bare with me as I figure some of this stuff out. The production quality won't be top notch, and I'll likely be blackening out some content if it's in its earlier stages of release out of respect to the devs and guild mates as we learn new stuff.

    Please help the server out and share the button below!

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