Applying for staff

For multiple reasons (the main being to prevent corruption) we do not accept open applications for staff. Instead, we handpick our staffers from the playerbase, selecting the most helpful, able and dedicated to help run and maintain the server.

There is an open call for Content Developer applications! See the forums for details, but do not expect a quick response as the cycle of new developer recruits is very slow and the windows for selecting new trainees are rare.

Regardless, the best application you can make on SoD is to be a productive, knowledgeable, and helpful player who takes time to make suggestions, report bugs, and show grace when confronted with adversity.

Current Staff

Head Administrators
Wiz - Founder and Administrator Emeritus
Woldo - President and CEO

Senior Staff
Jumbers - Server Adminstrator
Taryth - Developer Administrator

Cole - Content Developer
Duke - Content Developer
Grinkles - Content Developer
Olive - Content Developer
Rymy - Content Developer

Game Masters

Contacting Staff:

For information about contacting the staff please refer to this post.