One Good Weekend Event Announcement

Announcing that the fabled One Good Weekend has been located and it is HALLOWEEN weekend of all the times of the year.

What does this mean? It means we are prepared to unleash SoD 2.5 on you, the cool and deserving playerbase. We're sewing up a few bugs, practicing our migration techniques, and putting our money where our mouth has been for like five years. SoD 2.5 opens up so many avenues for development that I am crazy thinking about it. Also it removes several long-standing and otherwise irreparable bugs.

Taryth says we're ready!

October 31st is a long ways away though, so what can we all do in the meantime?

First, go read a thread about it. Go help test, get excited, find bugs!

Second, we are having a DEV Q&A this Thursday, the 17th of September at 6PM PST. I will be there, but more importantly Taryth the architect of 2.5 will be there to field any questions about the imminent upgrade. Maybe build some hype? Maybe give away a prize? I don't know, weird things happen when devs congregate.

I am super excited about this and waiting these few last weeks is going to be torture!


  14 Sep 2015 - Slaariel

2.5 Update

For folks playing on the beta 2.5 server, a few big updates:

- AA points should be refunded the first time you log in. You can then re-purchase AAs under the new system
- Mobs should drop loot again
- Pets should actually attack and behave, though they still warp around
- / and /who should no longer crash zones
- Messages like crits and DD should now show their numbers correctly
- Duping/unable to destroy item bug is fixed
- Pets should no longer have crazy hitpoints or hit for randomly insane amounts of damage
- Major improvements to performance in some zones. Hopefully there's better stability in some locations. Note that Tears of Elael is still problematic - I suspect it's due to the large number of mobs and the fact we don't have a ton of resources allocated for the beta server. I depopped all the mobs in TOE in order to allow people to zone and such (enjoy!), but if you need something from there like a quest drop or something, let me know and I will get that spawned for you. Once we go live, I think the problem will go away.


  10 Sep 2015 - taryth

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