So, what is this thing all about?

Shards of Dalaya (SoD) is a community driven emulated Everquest server which focuses on creating an experience similar to Everquest Live while providing new content, experiences and adventures. We have taken the best parts of Everquest and integrated them with entirely new lore and content. Over our ten years of development, we have hand made thousands of quests, NPCs, books, zones and pretty much every other part of our game. Further, Shards of Dalaya is absolutely free, and is run entirely by a passionate volunteer staff with support from the playerbase.

We have done our best to keep the danger and challenge of the original Everquest while eliminating some of the hassles and tedium inherent in first generation MMORPGs. We have large epic raids, but we've slimmed them down to 18 players to make everyone absolutely vital to the raid instead of just another cog in a machine. Dungeons are there, full with nice loot, frogloks and challenging group content. We have ~170 zones with some 19000+ NPCs and 17000+ items, all created by our own developers. New content is constantly being created and implemented both by our staff and with the participation of our player community. Shards is essentially an entirely new game in the EQ client.

The starting guide that is linked to the right will explain how to set up an account and begin playing Shards of Dalaya. If you have any questions about the game, you can normally find staff or players lurking in the community Discord, which is also linked to the right. We hope to see you in game!